Tuesday, April 6, 2021

TAKE ME OUT to the ballgame(Tx.), in a few months to the doctor

 ... cause its covid19mutation3  that strikes ya down in what ya think is a game where ya ego is to blame for your taking such serious situations as if it where just-a-game. (sadly sung to take me out to the ballgame)


The following is just my opinion NOT BASED ON KNOWN SCIENCE and includes some seemingly crazy info.  But for those involved in deep science studies those crazy ideas just might led to a break through in science ...not necessarily connected to viruses.

See the Texas NOW declining as to covid, but they have that mask not mandatory style.

As that mask mandate was loosened a few weeks ago covid rose and i stated that since portions of Texas where still under 66 degrees AS TO SUN ELEVATION angle they will go thru a rise of covid cases for a week or two then covid lowers.  

Now watch/listen as some sadistic acting as Republican leader will say, see the mask is not needed. 

 Its not the warmth by itself its more as to pressures and sun angles.  Higher pressures can "squeeze out the ability to hold or use the needed fluids or the actual motions inside the virus needed to work in a more efficient manner, this hindering via pressures is more effective than just drier ans/or heat (WHY YOU SEE THAT LOWERING PRESSURES IN COMPU'R CHIPS AS IN CREATING "HOLES" ALLOWS MORE TRANSPORTATION ON INFORMATION, viruses do this for billions of years.   

 In the healthier planet these higher pressures would come along more often. 

  With this ill atmosphere via aGW since things/weather patterns are becoming static for longer duration the virus can move polar wise more easily by following the stagnant lower pressure areas that create a gutter like flow that join up stagnant LOWS cause we don't see that healthy flow of HIGHS and LOWS moving  latitudinal in a scrubbing of the stagnant air sort of flow.

MAYBE its as to the sun elevation degrees being above 66?

BUT remember FOLKS IN TEXAS (or other area over the 66 degrees AS TO SUN ELEVATION ANGLE. EXCEPT FOR BRASIL cause of purposeful neglect) covid-19 can still enter your body and be quasi-dorment till the sun elevation lowers in the fall and then it might attack one or then have the "energy" to mutate.  Plus we do not know if there is some sort of delayed life cycle action as shingles is to the chickenpox, in particular for young folks, what if this elevates clots in brain and intestines to the point that what we se now in 70 year old in 2 life cycle changes or by age 36 thru 64 raises dramatically strokes and clots via intestines causing serious suffering and death much earlier.  

Read somewhere on this bog how i felt the nite i first caught covid where i suddenly sat up from a deep sleep then a weight as you see in those Monty python (early 1970s) shows but tied to the inside roof of my skull by a rope that was 64 inches long long dropped that weight though my stomach and i being 66inches "tall" as that 10 ton weight almost reached the floor it picked up max force then YANKED! my skull downward as i sat in my bed that led to what felt like this life extinguishing downward squeeze.  i got up ate more of the fermented veggies without chewing them (swallowed)  and woke up a few hours later with a black dot under my toenail ...right half, on my left foots big toe. Felt a lighter version of that weight (more like a hard shake instead of a hard downward yank) in Sept 2021 as i got covid for a 2nd time, never a higher fever than 98F but i explained elsewhere on this clearmatter.blogspot in theory as to why)

So still wear your masks as i saw the Texas Rangers (baseball) stadium to be allowed to run at FULL capacity, spring 2021.

What might happen is for the next 4-5 month those in such full capacity situations will get a cold that does not leave then.  In Autumn as PARTS of Texas have areas go below 66 degrees Sun elevation you'll see more people going to doctors complaining of this hard to breath situation.  

At least -away from others- maybe in shower practice the lung quaking (no that is not sis punching one's chest) its a breathing styles i've posted that uses two actions, the 2:1 theory in moving chaotic energy flows in this case within the body as in ones breath via turning ones body features into geometric 2:1 FORMS  (this is a clue to scientist whom want to fig how to bend wind, as wind is a form of chaos in motion, nature uses 5 "weather" containers (precip, up-down winds, cross winds, temperatures and static transference/lightening ) to move chaos in a uniformed manner those are the 5 the ml-d settings tweaks.

ml-d ?
Its on other pages, i state one can use it to influence nature/weather as even bend wind the true solar power and ultimate energy grid supplier as creates no pollutant but can generate over 60% of the human need for energy, my dream was to bring this first to SE Africa the area where most gold .diamonds was stolen from the locals, but no cared to listen so its up to the next inventor with a deep ability to think out of the box to figure it out).

Percentage refresher for wunderground's cat6 readers.

Solar day TO ME to mean that its the half of a date where the sunlight is MOST falling upon a region.

Then there is the 33%(and higher begins the duo-complex viruses downward stage), 

50%(more not than so the lesser dangerous form of covid19x is now the main strain) and 

66% (mostly all lower strain of virus except for that virus transported from under 33% areas, as on travelers not properly checked though even that strain will have trouble surviving outside of the carer though life cycles affects might be the price paid later)


Friday, March 19, 2021



This post begins where vis0 left a comment not allowed at a respected site.

To be fair to MODs thee i removed the levity that i add to my serious posts in the hopes that the levity relaxes the reader to fully think things through.  Some might interpret that as not taking things seriously, but when a person takes their time to type so much i think it shows care as opposed to recent president using twitter as a bully pulpit 

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Lets see if an rise in covid cases begins even with the correctness of injections/masks being followed

 Again injections needed, masks needed if the uptick happens imagine how much worse if the 2 aforementioned good things where not followed.  The uptick IF it occurs might prove what i state , how the sun elevation angle TOGETHER with warming temps BUT NOT TOO HOT will benefit covid-19s spread just before the 2 to 4 week delay AFTER the sun angle is above 33% for two thirds of the sub lit date.  EXAMPLE as to the serious covid-19s incl. serious  variants. Texas start of a natural down slope would be March 8th/9th, NYc ~March 22nd/23rd 2021.

(2022103-02) My Covid-19xs take::

Remember when i look at the sun angle elevation of lets say NYc i don't take into account the city but that areas easiest to travel to/from points which is NYS.  This is why states whose geographic traverse is polar to polar suffer the most as to covid-19 as in CA. case almost year long is there an area favorable for covid-19 developemnt via this sun elevation angle theory.

If Texas waited till March 8th/9th 2021 then they would have passed the full two thirds range as to no longer at/under sub elevation of 33 degrees.  Of course there is the 2 to 4 weeks delay to boot which means the odds are that there will be n uptick as the warmer weather returns and frozen areas now thaw and the covid-19 droplets regain their ability to move -about/carry/pass the virus.

gain when an area goes above 33 degree as to Sun elevation that is the beginning of the natural cycle to hinder covid-19s most aggressive actions.  But not till 2 to 4 weeks later are those limiting actions most noticeable, then the next hurdle the sun elevation degree of 66.

So as i posted this on my private FB a week ago lets watch if an uptick in cases occurs.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

My 22cents:: Maybe this is why Tom Brady is successful...(hopefully i'm wrong )

 GOOGLE or any other human on this planet is not connected to my opinions, i have over 45 yrs of experience in deflecting audiohitler attacks on me those in Apt i live in.  If you locate my comments from the 1990s you'll see me warning those in NYc unions not to get involved cause 8 to 16 (12 to 24 ) yrs later you'll find that people out of no where will become angry/psychotic towards those involved in the street repeater portion of this crime i call "audiohitler" and/or commit suicides all dependent on the type of vehicle they work in, no joke.  Read my other blogs or some portions of this blog as to why if one works in an enclosed vehicle one leans towards suicide but in a more open vehicle leads to get attacked by strangers, as MTA drivers/workers...its science, just not understood by mainstream science...yet.  

This modern crime together with what i call the side effects of Electricity is what is driving those good citizens that might have antiquated terrorist views as in racists becoming VERY PSYCHOTICALLY AGGRESSIVE.  HOW? The side effects of electricity damages the mass publics conscience to becoming more ego centered, the audiohitler crime is used on extreme leaders to become more extreme and that combination allows more people to follow a crazier leader, presto chango you get Trump elected.

Right now if you whee to hear the sounds into my Apt from upstairs and 4 neighbors you'd hear 20 hrs of sounds from 100watt speakers pointed downward their floor my ceiling, to hammering in one spot 2,00 times and much more but i can protect myself.  i hope non listening but graphic monitoring devices (OKAY WITH legal aid socirty as to ones rights as actual words not recorded just loudness of sounds are graphed) will be installed in ALL NYCHA buildings so the sounds can be sent to police precients/news organisations  LIVE via clouds thus when police come they have a real time readout of the noise instead of these gangs lookouts warning my neighbors to quiet down cause cops are coming which makes police seem to waste their time as no sounds are then occurring. 

      =================== Here the Brady portion ==========================
The manner in which rules are broken and no serious penalties  are implemented or refs or those in charge of large organizations  do not report the illegal actions they know of fall under extortion, thus they stay quiet as once you make a deal with the devil (criminal organizations) they feel they have to remain tight lipped to protect their livelihood and family.

Over the past 12 years i've been stating how certain actions (ref calls/N/A not placing serious penalties for the 4 times Patriots caught cheating...Deflate gate was a ~month suspension, how about removing each superbowl win for each cheating.  That is what was done in 2 other sports) and inside info from people in NE led me to believe that the owner of the Patriots was benefiting directly (having 3 or 4 refs in Patriots pockets) from being involved indirectly as to the audiohitler actions of certain gangs/mob groups.  


See these criminal groups need tech info or Hi-tech creations as to their audio pickup devices to be more proficient in attacking their victims via the modern crime of audiohitler and used colleges or businesses involved in high prescission work to better audio in general (military or public) as to the audiohitler attacks.

 High precession is part of Gillette's contract with the military.  Work they do is secret even if its not directly related to Gillettes business side.  Similar to how certain sub-drug companies "accidently" make 2 to 3 times more chemicals used to generate designer drugs than what was ordered via the MAIN drug companies order as to a non designer drug.  Why you see FDA busts warehouses of such sub drug companies but get away by saying it was a 200% (more)manufactured "accident".

 As to colleges involved as in gangs sending young people that report to AH gang/mob groups to enroll in the state of N. Carolina;s colleges as in using colleges/universities studies of 3D sound mapping to better attack their (Audiohitler's)  victims.

One of the people i was led to believe came to the patriots through their owner was a certain Mr. Guerrero  whom as i found out years ago was involved in Audiohitler in South America at a low level.

Remember what i have stated for years as to how audiohiter is the attack of a person by "injecting" via repetitive sounds as a sub carrier minuscule microwaves that via readout seem harmless but use audiohitler techniques and one acidifies the body, specific organs or even cause mind issues.   i connected my knowledge of how audiohitler tends to acidify the victims, in particular certain organs that have electric charges interacting through them.


  The use of alkaline can seemingly help those victims, but the correct amount and type of alkaline only IF there is extortion paid as in protection money, though also once the extortion is dived amongst the gangs it also prevents any audiohitler attacks on that person, in this case bray and whomever else is under guerreros control.


  so if someone opens up a medical clinic/business in a poor country that and that medical office has  little FULL background checks on those practicing medicine in it, modern or under a holistic title then if they do seem to cure a few that words catches like wildfire bringing the practitioner mucho dinero.  but what if many in those small towns are being used as white mice and having audiohiter tested on them but if guerrero can tell the attackers do not attack those going to his clinic it will seem that he is curing them but in reality its that those under his wing are not being hit with minuscule microwaves in a repetitive manner daily.  The most recent religious group using this is that south american/Brazilian group those uses a white dove in a red heart as their icon recently based in Brooklyn NY mega church.


  Well if this is that guerrero then he might be guaranteeing that his clients DO NOT get audiohitler attacked, as a form of receiving  protection money (much goes to the gangs) plus their are certain benefits in using that audiohitler attack flow in a different manner while taking alkaline foods but since one still has to go through some sort of interaction with those audiohitler flows then in time we'll  suddenly have the appearance of damaged portions of joints (where the repetitive sounds are nearest) , and brain after 8 to 12 yrs on the fast track 12 to 24 as to brain  from its initial use. Read my explanation how many at ground zeros chemical soup really got their diseases from they or their co workers being involved in this audiohitler attacks as "street repeater"  as many in Construction,Fire,police,sanitation,transportation ,Pilots are involved in AGAIN they are not all involved but if you get within 45ft.(33%), 30ft.(66%) and 15FT.(99%) at ~210mins from a person that was cell phone connected to an audiohitler command call that number in parentheses is the odds you also will receive the chaotic flow that rises 3 to 9 fold that you develope a diseases (the users will also BUT MORE THAN NOT their payback will be via karma in their next liveS as their present life is too full of negative energy to pay it back all at once as gawd / nature through karma do not/could not under the same person dozens of times for the negative things they are doing in helping support audiohitler crimes...think they are help at best bring diseases to mostly good folks at worst assisting in several slow unnoticed by the law as murders)



  Of course those doing this audiohitler involvement will exchange a damaged brain at age 50 or 60 for fame BUT HERE IS THE BIG CATCH NO ONE CARES ABOUT cause many live for the now.  Their next reincarnated life or 2 or 3 will be miserable, NO JOKE.  Of course since reincarnation has not been proven that last statement might have zero worth to many, so be it.

Now i find out its Brady who is connected to that character. TO ME IF THIS audiohitler is correct Brady to me is not even in my top 20 QBs he is using a person that can cause mental issues in the other team physc he while causing a disconnect to pain in those under Guerreros control and thus seemingly have clearer thinking after being hit hard but that accumulates not just physically but via the internal chaotic flows of having others near by as the other teams players bing subjected to audiohitler attacks (why its important to do as NY gIANTs when they played Patriots and stay at an unannounced hotel and pay for floors above and below the teams floor so any repetitive sounds are buffered by empty rooms) and watch how suddenly all those under guerreros control 12 to 24 yrs after using "his style/treatments" these player become suddenly ill and joints and brain soddenly develope issues..

This all reads as science fiction but its very real.  

i bet if one does research these people over 30 yrs of age they have some CA. Specifically south of SF connection as that is where audiohitler became a more gang related crime (1970d /1980s via crips and bloods, first to attack enemy gang members (where more successful THEN as headphones had a larger magnetic property via 1/8 jack and even 1/4 jack walkman type players (not getting into detail)  then women via  the mind altering ability of audiohitler to depress/ make women/girls less confident to then take advantage of them with chemicals more easily administered to less confident people. 

Thursday, December 17, 2020

If you don't see me posting comments/VIDs...

 Compu'rII's power source just had a small short [shut it off as  heard it].  It still works but odds are i'll not be able to get onto webnet till late spring 2021 if it shorts out completely.   Gone through 2 power supplies already, too costly for me to go through more.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Breathing style2lower covid-19 effects NOT OFFICIAL

                    AM NOT A DOCTOR, not even close.

 First if one feels they have covid-19 symptoms feel more ill than anytime before one needs serious medical attention.

          FOLLOWING IS NOT PROVEN MEDICAL INFO but i have to pass forward ideas that I and those I've told use(d) and seem to help.



           If its removed please no negative remarks to MODS.




READ FULLY including the SIDE EFFECTS BELOW SO ONE IS TRYING TO MAKE SURE STEPS ARE FOLLOWED IN CORRECT ORDER and thus actions mentioned done NOT WHILE TRYING TO UNDERSTAND IT but through a RELAXED BREATHING flow. Once read fully then there is a simple how to repeated in GREEN ITALIC letters but without the crap i add between the green "================" lines.

Let others know you are about to do the steps mentioned below but are ding them away from others as one might release body content with virus in it. In the shower is good as long as others know, clean afterwards even if you feel nothing came out.

What the below does are breathing styles that help one at two levels.

   The physical benefit is it expands lungs in a quick yet long breath manner to loosen any virus trying to become super attached. When the lungs expand in this manner since the expansion is in an uneven method (uneven top to bottom) the edges of that virus in only "understanding" equidistant reactions/counter reactions become slightly unconnected from at least one of the uneven upper or lower sides of the uneven expanding lung areas/segments. Then ones body's defense can go under/within the virus to attack it.

   The ethereal aspect is that when one takes a breath in the explained manner below (certain areas more wider/expanded than other areas) one takes a breath in/through a specific geometric pattern -as correctly in 2 times or more wider towards the lower lungs/gut/towards under the belly button, thus 2(lower):1(upper). This type of breathing keeps the chaotic flows in check while taking in a full breath as the chaotic flow fully follows the expanded area once it reaches the 2 :1 plateau. Think of the wider area as a wider ethereally magnetic feature keeping a hold on the more magnetic chaotic flows from going anywhere else but as a/part of the breath. At the full breath its a 1:1 pattern (upper and lower "lungs"/sacs similar in expansion, even though lower lungs are a bit less filled for other reasons, as used for sudden fight/flight reasons as one reason) but then at the outward breath one ends up squeezing the lower gut area first leaving the upper lungs last to evacuate the "used" breath thus back to an upper weighted 2:1 (or 1:2 if looked at literally) pattern/design (why shallow breathing is bad as one leaves behind chaotic flows cause the upper area/lungs did not expand to create a 2 to 1 attracting outward at the expelling breath thus chaotic energy flow. This can be translated as a 2:1 to 1:2 breathing formation/flow as in wider (the 2). 

    Lets mark wider as "w" and two times as "x2" and lower lungs as "LL". Thus the inhale its "wLLx2". Though the upper lungs do not become smaller literally they become comparatively smaller in that the lower lungs are expanding the gut area, so the upper lungs measure as smaller when full breath is in thus i label in lower case case letter for not being a true physical change of both upper/lower lungs

The 1:1 happens in the middle of ones breathing thus lets mark the 1:1.

Finally its wider at the top exhaling correctly as one squeeze the lower/below abdomen thus the lower is the "1" in 1:2 as upper lung becomes wider as lower area contracts. This means a 2 as in (2:1 , 1:1 finally 1:2) to just one B1. (If one is overweight one can cup one or both areas under abdomen and after nose is in a flared state push the area under bellybutton/waist in and upwards as one forces easily the outward breath. )

So far as to the obvious a reader notices ONE 2:1 weighted to expel airflow of breath.

   Now as to the nostrils flaring as the breath leaves one it complete/creates another 2 :1 as there are 3 Ethereal sub-stages/segments to breathing.

   The stages are separated into three regions creating another 3 segments that can be used to create a healthy second 2:1 flow ETHEREALLY. 

   These next three stages are -1- between the outer world and the pineal gland (via nostrils passageways). Since the air outside is independent as the human body is concerned and the chaotic carriers being physically grounded one wants to take the thinnest stream of that outer air thus the contracted nostrils.  Between the pineal gland and the solar plexus is stage 2 (1:1) and below the solar plexus is stage 3 (2:1) (some radiates in a hidden to physics manner to ones true ground, the sole of ones feet...just remembered i forgot to finish the multi-million dollar shoe design drawings / explanation that can help reverse many diseases as after drawing a bit on wxunderground i tried to pass the idea to NIKE as my gift to their backing of Kapernic / SF QB but never heard from NIKE and forgot to finish the drawing on wxu). 

   The THIRD 2:1 occurs when the breath exits through the aforementioned ETHEREAL stages. Its why humans need more saliva glands than other animals (not greater but more as to fully surround the inward breath) at near the in-take air area as behind; eyes, ears and throat) as the moisturized breath is much healthier, we just need a healthier planet to guarantee that the inward breath is physically the cleanest that can be ...maybe when what I call the ml-d is created by another person then 60% of the worlds power grids will be feed through the cleanest form, the continual flow (max 8hrs please) of bending air towards special turbines set atop building to bring power to several miles per building intake, the oil jobs benefit in building the needs to maintain such power grids not just on buildings but old unused drilling platforms in which the energy captured is feed to states thus still get the same check but without the carcinogenic/pollutant effects of oil.

Now?, do some understand how the religious Tri-Gesture of Father (3 fingers joined point as to head, incoming breath), son (the motion of the breath at left shoulder/lung to right shoulder symbolizing the entire body full of breath) holy ghost (of such a life sustaining holy ghost /unseen breath...unless yer in Antarctica... the breath/body relation becoming one) creating TWO 2 to 1 gestures...the THIRD? did ya not notice the Jewish rabbi salute TV's Spock used being a double 2:1 gesture which was is turned into 2 fingers touching thumb in Catholic gesture... (Where is MOTHER? SHE STAYS "at home" PROTECTING YA AT THE PIA MATTER/gray AREA, don't throw stones at me freedom fighting ladies or men dressed as ladies, its symbolic ). These gestures came to be from a misunderstood pattern that was to point out the breath plus BONUS, also the motions of the solar system/complex planet...no??! ...then may yer fav son of gawd show us mercy, for the un-written sin of trying to teach and help others

When to do the breathing technique? 

When one feels lungs tightening at many nodules BEFORE its hard to take a shallow breath::

   Breath inward while causing (WITHOUT TOUCHING the nose ) the nostrils to contract.


   Do so in that the breath fills first the upper lungs (stick out cheat) and last the lower lungs (area around gut/belly button is last to expand) if one has to think it through...breath in upper chest expands then calmly this expanding reaches the lower gut last.




   NOW when breathing out be ready to pinch nostrils FROM ABOVE the nostril so nothing hinders the breaths outward chaotic expelling flow -which could be reintroduced via fingers auras but since auras are not (yet) officially discovered- then just think of not blocking the outward breath and pinch with with left fore finger and thumb...


   (Why left?, maybe neutral energy flow in that hand as blood not beginning to be fully "magnetized" till it begins to go through bones of wrist, hence that area is 1 of 3, .666 points of the human body..solar plexus and pineal gland the real "U" are the other two.) 


   ...in an animated manner...


    (slightly pinching BUT NOT CLOSING THE NOSTRILS AS MUCH as the inward breath through the contracting nose did, it these brackets symbolize nostrils this in the inward breath "[] [] "nostrils, this is the nose flaring "[ ] [, ]" and this "[ ] [ ]" represents the nostril slight pinched...oh my I apologize had a snot(comma) in the left nostril) 


    ...as if trying to evacuate some dry snots ...in the outdoors. 



    Now just before you begin that outward breath think two things 

         A) Make sure nostrils are flaring open as much as possible using ONLY nose muscles (do not use toothpicks...geesh)

         B) You start pushing out the breath from the lower area (below gut/belly button) first**


         As breath begins to evacuate from lower towards the upper lungs begin creating the flared nostrils then immediately with the animated pinching of nostril as in slightly pinch BUT NOT as closed as the intake breath contracted nostrils then flare nostrils and repeating quickly those two actions (pinch - flare) till breath has fully evacuated and one is ready to do step 1 again...or if practicing go have some healthy soup (recommend Progresso)

         That can take 4-6secs. 

         If you feel as if a string is pulling the under lower lip (clef of chin) area upwards...too deep to explain its a intertwined macro flow from the glands/heart towards pineal gland flow in which the physical muscle is resetting to the optimum soulful position...That Star Trek Spock mind meld and other mind flows is very real but that is too dangerous to teach. Its internally learned by old souls that learn to respect all throughout many lives...me.. i found it on a bazooka Joe wrapper, it was either that or the x-ray clothing glasses (PSHYCe)





    The physical aspect is in expanding of lungs and has been explained above as in creating a stretching of the lungs/its "makeup" to loosen anything that was trying to aggressively attach to the lungs. Then the body's defense flow comes in to try and get that "stranger" causing trouble out of ones body.




     Now after i posted this on Facebook as an added bonus (half as long) part of my 15 points to combating a complex virus, Facebook within minutes yanked that post together with a connected gif98a of Trump turning into bozo the clown animation as he hugged a flag, that was in February 2020, it was yanked as being too alarmist, tried to post only the gif but also yanked...A pandemic later no apology from FB and then they activated THAT FEATURE for the gif only were IF I WANT TO i can CHALLENGE THEIR ACTIONS and that changed the upload date to when they restated the challenge a month later. I'm leaving it removed as is so history can learn to take the time to ask questions and listen to what one hears not project the rights of mainly those with shark lawyers.






                 SIDE EFFECTS:: Its that the portion of balancing the inner body's energy flow by removing chaotic flows will also cause one IF THEY HAVE/had ANY ADDICTION/DEPENDENCY to desire their addictive needs, if this style of breathing is done too much by those that have had or are starting addictive actions/behavior. Thus it can lead to cramping** and that feeling of bees/active discomfort in ones bigger joints (knees, elbows, neck) some know of those feeling as to when going through cold turkey...but no diarrhea.


                 ADDICTION TO ME is anything that takes over ones ability to use ones conscience as the final filter before doing an action. That 'false prophet' one reads of that is from the northern / dark regions is not literal. Its as to ones darker/unenlightened thoughts/pure ego and the north is to mean ones mind. Those darker thoughts if one lets them dominate ones life becomes a profit that is teaching false reasoning via the addiction(s) thus in time becomes a teacher(of bad)/prophet in creating the path of most destruction thus ruining ones life yet the victim becomes a blind sheep unless they get help from within or from family and true friends, but then again I'm just a nut. 

 BTW what Chris Cuomo's (Governor Mario Cuomo's brother) Doctor had Chris Cuomo do in forcing via a hard/forced cough out the breath is in a similar mode as the breathing technique I stare above but is not as affective as the style in this blogbyte as to me the hard cough/ that method is being done "digitally" (sudden unlinked breath outward) and can reintroduce bits of negative energy into body. The method above I consider an analog connected breath that attracts out the max chaos yet if one wants to follow the digital style its better than nothing. Also the analogue style is how laughter cures or lowers negatives' in ones body which i posted on several sites from 1990s to mid 2 null decade including IPERNITY.  My apology to a top level creative photo posting site IPERNITY as i joined to post my 3 cameras captures of NYc but all three cams (Pentax k1000 had since 1973 bought at willoughbys or OLDEN cameras, much later bought 2 CANNONs which all 3 within a week could not be used (pentax gears neded pro-cleaning (still have), one Cannon became water damaged other i could not find in my public storage cube (stolen?). On that photo site since it had a large comment area (bigger THEN than most blogs) i had added a few theories as to assuring that things around one does not lower ones health. Then after a year or two the eMAIL host I used to sign-in to Ipernity closed and several requests to IPERNITY to change email/password was not responded to, so site stayed stagnant till it was upgraded and i think was removed...i figure they preferred i left don't blame them.




   HERE THE BREATHING TECHNIQUE ONLY NO OTHER COMMENTS YET PLEASE take the time READ THE EXPLANATIONS ABOVE TO GET THE FULL PICTURE. If one feels covid-19 like symptoms go immediately to hospital. Three doctors I knew all died at the homes entrance as they probably thought they could handle it all feel knocked themselves out and the virus took over. If one wants to use this but has to go to hospital have family print it out and give to nurses.




 When one feels lungs tightening at many spread out nodules::


   1) Breath inward while causing (WITHOUT TOUCHING the nose) the nostrils to contract.


   Do so in that the breath fills first the upper "lungs", then middle and last the lower "lungs" (area around gut to just under belly button is last to expand, this night seem a natural action but think it through many only breath incorrectly/shallowly from a young age and its become their norm) if one has to think it through...breath in upper chest expands then calmly this expanding reaches the lower gut last. 




   2) NOW when breathing out be ready to animate a pinching motion on nostrils -FROM ABOVE- not from below the nostril so nothing hinders as in being in the way of the exiting breath- please use left hand as in left fore finger and left thumb...



   ...the following in an in animated manner...


    (slightly pinching BUT NOT CLOSING THE NOSTRILS AS MUCH as the inward breath that one just did with nostrils self contracting via its muscles) 


    ...the animated pinch is squeezing and releasing several times rapidly as if trying to evacuate some dry snots from ones nose while in the outdoors. 



    Now just before you begin that outwards breath think two things 

         A) Make sure nostrils are flaring open as much as possible using ONLY nose muscles to expand nostrils.

         B) As nostrils are expanded and kept as such you start pushing out the breath from the lower area (below gut/belly button) first**


         As breath begins to evacuate from lower towards the upper lungs begin from the flared nostrils then immediately with the animated pinching as in slightly pinch BUT NOT as closed as the intake breath contracted nostrils then flare nostrils and repeating quickly those two actions till breath has fully evacuated and one is ready to do step 1 again.


         That can take 5 to 7 seconds when done calmly.               



       Ventilator's Life breath version (not invented...yet) v. mechanical breath version (what is used today)


 Of course we have to use the products that have been developed through science/research in a non political fashion as that is the best we have. 

               My issue is that in me or some thinkers not having certain credentials which began in part due to political decisions as in the cuts to education certain politicians STILL immediately reach for when from the 1970s on taxes were made in to an evil word/action. The problem is not taxing but how and that the politicians be fully open to showing in layman terms where the taxes are going as in are the taxes representing not the egotistical reasoning of anyone but the basic needs of the people instead of the greed's of CERTAIN businesses that are uncaring. This i state so future voters wake up and make sure your communities representative represent your community as to basic wisdom building needs

                Now i shared portions of a life breath ventilator here another portion which would be completely new.

                The ventilator has to imitate the breathing technique mentioned above. The easiest to create is the 2:1 breathing flow as all that needed is a half donut like pad that goes around the patients' lower abdomen ATTACHED TO THE BED sides under mattress not around the patients back otherwise its a girdle squeezing both front and back of patient. This squeeze is sequenced to the ventilator in squeezing out the breath FIRST when the exhaling flow begins as in just before the ventilator begins this waist compressing donut pad begins to squeeze inward the abdomen FROM THE LOWER AREA gut to stomach NOT THE ENTIRE abdomen all at once. The process should be similar in action as if one places the hand on ones waist area were the fore finger is at the bellybuttons level pinky lower. When the outward breath begins the pinky level squeezes first immediately followed by the ring, middle the fore finger similar motion to when one is bored and places hand on desk and creates a motion in taping pinky ALWAYS FIRST toward forefinger on the desk in an slithering snake/caterpillar motion

        -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=Asterisk(s) Explained-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

** to relax leg cramps MAKE SURE HANDS ARE CLEAN be they yours or someone else's, then pinch hard the upper lip with thumb on the inside mouth side of upper lip and two fingers on outside of lip, hold till cramp subdues which is usually for over 15 to 20 secs, if the relief is not full move pinch (no swirl-an inside Sienfield show joke) on lip a bit till one finds relief...the time has to do with circulation of blood and pressure change transference

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Complex viruses and height of sun angle (not for less complx viruses)

In a few days In a few days you might notice more people with sore throats...why?  maybe one of my crazy theories::

UNDERSTAND this is as to complex viruses (Dua/Dual virus) as they are more complex (have dual life spans as in communicable via  person to person and an airborne cycle) cause they are more dependent on natural flows around them.  Less complex as common cold do not rely on other/outside energy flows thus not as "deeP' in their attacks and easier to control but can go thru a type of "reincarnation"  since not much energy is needed to survive in their dormant stage.(moisturized a cold virus watch it come back to "life".) i think covid-19 is using fine pollutants/man made preservatives it mimicked internally  as its water to survive on, thus it is highly contagious and survivable in hot/drier conditions.

The "magic" degree in height as to Sun angle is 66 and 33.

NYC last 66 Degree in HEIGHT day was early August. 

If the complex viruses were being studied out in the open (of course cannot do that) 2 weeks later or August 14th 2020 you 'd see a change in the COMPLEX viruses inner working as if becoming more aggressive.

Since there are barriers created to slow the virus as masks, social distancing  and weird enough the many floors around us grounded incorrectly or not grounded in unison act in a negative manner as to our conscience also disturbs the inner workings of a COMPLEX virus.

That chaotic flow man generates creates a delay i think of ~2 weeks.

The sun's height (lack of)  that i state makes a complex virus enter its MAX aggressive state is 33%. and below.  OF COURSE IF TOO COLD then physics takes over as in viruses held in check in permafrost.

Go to the linked site.  DO NOT become afraid of the many scientific terms, enjoy learning new things and enter or use map (VERY SENSITIVE wheel controls as a sight scroll and you go from NYC to Mars)

Slide and Zoom  into NYC in Google maps. (this my public FB post to mainly NYc friends) posted to 'worldy' friends 2 weeks ago, public blog a week ago)

Then use the pages side scroll bar and go down the page about half-way down till you see the "hour  Elevation Azimuth" column. 
Check out the HEIGHT degrees, should be NOW Sept 3rd 2020 (posting old my blog info on Facebook) around mid 50s in NYC. (motherboard of mine is dying browsers cannot create web pages correctly as in when one has JAVA installed incorrectly and JAVA application look like Picasso Painting.).  That delay of ~2weeks i state is caused by the many floors of  building not grounded correctly or mainly similarly.  This causes a  full delay in covid-19 virus's inner working/instinctual actions -if i may call it that-  totaling 4 weeks from the last 66 degree in sun height angle day (or a 2week delay via chaotic flows add then the 2 week delay in symptoms showing up)  Lets see how many more from Sept 1st 2020 are getting weird feelings as if covid-19 was dormant in body...it could be the less complex flu? (too).

Natural once an area has a lower sun elevation of 66degrees a complex virus BEGINS to return to an aggressive state.

BUT due to the many grounded wires not being grounded similarly (sure rules are followed green/gray is ground, hot wire is in single phase are blk, more phases is red but their sizes be it length or qauge  are different, flows are different, AC v DC etc.  Add that via the many 90degree angles created by buildings it bears that chaotic flow onto the virus's instinctual flows  and any living creature instinctual flow be it an inanimate living thing to animate living thing. In man the instinctual flow is the consciences.    Al this amplifies that chaotic flow to hinder the instinctual working in the complex virus to a 2 week delay (not posting its a formula i came up with 40 yrs ago, uses characters i created so would look like alien text...not to mention those characters would have to be inserted as images as keyboards don't have them). 

So from that last 66degrees in height sun angle we add the 2 week delay due to man made chaotic flows and the known 2 week delay till symptoms show up..  This means around September 1st 2020 at NYC latitude areas around the Globe people will begin to report feeling a bit under the weather to stomach flu like symptoms

If one read my Feb 2020(my blogs) thru May 2020(FB) posts one understands or at least read  my theory on how naturally fermented ingredients i think can cause a complex virus to stage down to the common cold virus lasting 2 weeks.

As to every day needs   i HIGHLY RECOMMEND lots of water with foods to keep re hydrated'.
Water and Trader Joes cheeses as not too oily but has the very good oils that keeps blood flowing and "declogging" arteries and flowing fluids in body is good to lower the ability to have viruses attach anywhere in body. 
i use safe gums as  ORBIT  to keep mouth moisturize, again flowing as in saliva flowing. (careful not to buy the one in pale boxes that looks like the sunlight bleached the Orbit box's colours as those are fake ORBIT gums mainly sold on west side newstands).  The non cavity forming gums keeps saliva flowing without ruining teeth as has safe non cavity forming sweeteners. (bad weird enough are throat drops too much cavity forming stuff and thickness it creates slows salivas flow). (orbit simple is ~$1.50 to 2 .00 a mini- box, chew for an hour and a half or so you'll notice a change in sweetness taste turning to a cardboard taste.mmm..cardboard...my fav was cardboard with pizza stuck to it.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST can we get OFFICIALS to allow FREE rides for front line workers BUT NOT TAXIS they are too filthy as in passengers NOT drivers .  What happens in the back of cabs as no one there to watch is disgusting.  Most front line workers i know caught covid-19 think it was in the cab rides.  Instead get those blue mini buses to go on a bus like schedule and ONLY pick up front line workers.  Or have taxi's with a big H on hood and H sign on rooftops which will have their insurance partially paid federally   that are only used/called/hailed by ID 'd front workers, though that is hard verify once passenger opens back door or is near enough to kick taxi in anger if trying to fake a ride as a front line worker.  so i prefer the mini blue lined buses.