Tuesday, September 21, 2021

continuing from the ycc comment as to durags

  WARNING, the following is not good for the squeamish.

-----this portion to my blog, but after a few days it will be removed from public view.

IF anyone saw the 3 images from 2012 thru 2019(least reddish skin) i posted on wxu (WxU blog via links, while disqus was a direct photo)  of my arms/hands suffering from radiation burns, I was testing my creations (including the ml-d) and that was the result of going below 1 or above 9.  

That has happened to me at least 50 times since the 1970s the worst *never posted only shared with 2 people) was in the 1980s thru 1990s (NYC/NYS had severe drought my brain felt like it was shriveling/drying out I think due to ml-d settings). On a few of those occasions  my lower legs became black had pus coming out of slits (most slits were  where I had early in life cuts created from falling in NYc playgrounds that had chards of glass that never healed properly) 

Now within  18 hrs I had it corrected, legs went from black to dark purple, light violet, red and finally the unbelievable pressure in legs where just passing a feather over them lead to feeling like I was tickling the nerve endings with fire all vanished  within a week.  BTW where most people would feel excruciating pain (I saw similar in Hospital from burns/diabetes infections they where screaming beyond belief) I feel a deep enjoyable tickling, how I'm wired I guess.  At the end of that week the lower legs skin CORRECTLY peeled off like a snake changing its outer body.

I had to put my body through heck in the name of science,  but failed in passing on what I learned as could not get the world to listen


In part due to my under-educated mind, though in having dyslexia, ADD and several head injuries (as an infant when I heard plane overhead (In  da Bronx, NYC we lived in line with Jets landing at LaGuradia "airport")I'd jump up pointing to the ceiling even when I still had not learned how to walk so I;d fall onto my big head or if I was on a mechanical pony that belonged to my Sis I'd also point up and fall. The worst was climbing clothing drawers and have the drawers and furniture fall on my head. This I do not remember but parents would tell my family of such happenings to pass the time.  I think I did pretty well, since non of the rattling marbles fall out of my head, unless I hold my nose and blow, then they come out my ears (my FB avatar).


The nail in the coffin TO ME in new ideas not being tested is the intelligent becoming ignorant.  Ignorant as instead of using that book learned/memorized intelligence to figure out which of the weird thinkers (as I) has valuable info and which are just pulling at straws, the intelligence is used to put those weird thinker "in their place". This process of finding which weird thinker has valuable NEW ideas could have easily been done by retired scientist by simply asking questions to nuts like me and filters the replies via what they obtained in reading books/scientific papers.

Then take those responses and see which fit best as to the present level of science to then be further studied by up n coming scientists long after I and the caring scientist leave this world.  We saw this during the renaissance where the nuts where put in prisons YET as one example monks that read books by the hundreds would talk to them and take notes.  Then future researchers would read the Monks and nuts notes and in time wold get a eureka moment that led to understanding new levels of science.

  I'll leave it at that so all are left hanging but understand IF another person comes along and sez they have this knowledge but seem to either be making stuff up or cannot explain it clearly/concisely, converse with them let them know you are recording their words THEN you'll know if they are yanking yer leg or have deeper info,  Don't use book obtained intelligence to make wise decisions use a blend of intelligence and heart felt thoughts to open new worlds otherwise one becomes stuck in yesterdays discoveries. BTW the true good nuts never charge a cent their deep thought passed on to other to be studied is the best reward they can dream of.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Reiterating the sports use of Audiohitler last ~15+ yrs.

 The following does NOT represent the views of Google, Blogger, its members, readers or those mentioned in this post...besides me.

Decades ago since the 1980s  I'd been mention the crime of "Audioitler" 

(the use of repetitive sounds to introduce extremely SAFE low levels of microwaves/sonar and recently WiFi into a victims body.   Those levels are safe as long as the body is not being introduced to them in a continual manner, which is what audiohitler does, THEN it can led to body and brain issues.

  When I'd mention this most smirked a best.  (Understand from 1980s through ~2000 AD I sent this info to FBI, CIA, NYPD, ABC, CBS, NBC, The New Yorker, The NY Times, Daily News, even NY POST none replied)

Zoom now into the 2020;s and due to the reporting of sonar/microwave attacks some are wondering could this nut (me) have been right all along?  

I'll let history figure that out but if you EVER hear one reply to my post on Audiohitler Crime (AHC) with a "That's crazy" or gets a down vote they are either misinformed as in do not stay up with te latest news or are part of the audiohitler crime (AHC) users community and want to discredit me.  If you read of recent sonar attack my words on this subject can no longer be considered as crazy.  Maybe misunderstood or not fully informed but these attacks are now fact, its who is doing it and why that is in question.

If you've read my personal blogs you might have noticed how I place the so-called Tom Brady Trainer as a part of the original  California group that was created in the 1970s to use  this audiohitler attacks outside of Scientology and Unification churches.  The two "Religious churches"  where the first mass users

 (Outside of McCarthyism, though tat was more of a social experiment by an internationally alliance of sadistic groups which now has infiltrated the republican party of the USofA) 

of such attacks from late 1950s on.  In California during the early 1970s (maybe late 1960s)  certain street gang TOP leaders learned of this AHC and BEGAN TO ORGANIZE ITS USE. Organize as in having gangs create repetitive sounds via cars that where tinkered to do so in local garages (loud mufflers, loud engines, back firing devices, noisy shock obsorbers then began infiltrating colleges as to bringing  up athletes from that period under the use of the crime I call Audiohitler. 

At its basic use its used as extortion.  People are shown what this crime can do by showing them its use as in visiting neighboring Apts./homes of victims and showing them the victims via infrared being attacked by the repetitive sounds causing organs /body parts to heat up which can be observed via infrared scanners (at that time they got top quality scanners from Fire Depts., wink wink stolen write of the cost never found goods)

 Crips and Bloods though adversaries had portions involved in this AHC. As  lookouts to the street enforcers or "street repeaters" of the energy used of this crime be it by implementing repetitive sounds they created with their cars or car speakers thus the e-music/rapping music/Dominican bkgnd of their modern music having constant up front repeating beats. All music have portions that repeat  its what gets one to remember the tune but these have that OUT FRONT and at times its the only sound heard from such speakers in use to the point hat the cars rattle/vibrate and one cannot make out the "music"/words.  Also gang cars that have wheels rims to allow generated sounds from undercarriage to flow outward onto homes the are attacking by the rims raising the car or rims having less material thus undercarriage sounds can pass through them.

Move ahead and you'll find that Tom Brady trainer that was involved in California as to young athletes then was in South America.  He became involved in  medical facility that was under control of these Audiohitler gangs.  The trick was to attack the locals with these sonar/microwave methods (why you'd see microwave dishes said to be used for radio calls way too low or not pointing at an upward angle or in a valley instead pointing across or out of a valley). The locals become ill they are told that the ONLY person that can cure them has new medical discoveries/powers to heal plus has "gawd like connections".  In this case that person is that trainer. (BTW I would sat 60% of these auto-bot calls SPECIALLY the nonsensical or no one at other end calls are used by these AHC as phone have regulated tones which they can measure against the micro=waves/sonar being used to assure victim is being "hit" why I'm hoping more phones WITH SILENT ringing are created where it remotely blinks lights as used for the deaf or send signal to TV/monitor compu'r as Zenith had 1970s.

Once they visit that trainer/Doctor if they pay their bill the attacks or lowered so it appears that visiting that "Dr." / clinic is working.

The gangs make money by telling the local that they have to continue their visit to THAT CLINIC to maintain their health, most of that payment goes to the gangs.  Thus every year these poor folks are being tortured to pay their live earnings to this scam that they think its a miracle via the Dr, gawd some crystals and are grateful for.

(BTW Crystals can reverse diseases but any such use can be presented out in the open where it can be shown via new science studies as how it works, not hidden as in this case .

Now this audiohitler attacks are focused onto teams Brady plays against to create physical BUT MAINLY mental errors.  Some of these microwaves can be implemented  to help injuries but that is very dangerous.   just like cryogenics (super cooling -wrong word?) can help with certain injuries but will also cause body to weaken protective features of the body that when sent through such a cold extreme damage the elasticity of those area of the body.  Think of the rule of thumb of, to much of a good will lead to bad things.  Yogi Berra might have said, to much of a good thing is no good.

Several NFL official that came from that 1970s western USofA group are still in the NFL and are protected from the use of audiohitler on them via this AHC extortion methods.   IF they make sure Brady gets several calls in his favor during critical moments the don't become AHC victims plus some retirement benefits added that are thus not traceable, unless one notices that they or their family are living better off than what an NFL official makes after retirement.

These gangs have lots of time and money invested in 5 states, the state with the most as of after 1990s till present is Florida, so its no surprise Brady went there.  Here's a team that was terrible for  some time since Tampa Bays great Defense left /retired and in one year presto-chango champs.

The weird thing is this use of Audiohitler will cause damage in those benefiting from it or being around the head-end use (or users) of it. 

It takes 12 to 24 yrs to have diseases/alignments seemingly appears out of nowhere on the benefactors side. IF Brady ever comes in contact with serious carcinogenic causing chemicals LOOK OUT cause within 2 to 3 years he can develpe major diseases but don't believe me lets OBserve  Brady as to the 12 to 24 yrs period after this AHC use began in Pats world to all of a sudden have his body in failing health.

This is how I see the timeline.

Of the 5 states that are deep in this AHC here are two more

Massachusetts and one of the Carolinas.

To figure out why follow the trail as to the development of 3D sound technology.  See these groups needed to better map the homes of the victims to more efficiently attack the victims.  The use of 3D sound mapping solved that so they went to these states that had Universities studying this 3D technology.  Thus NFL Pats and Panthers in having such universities became connection to this crime's development and had top teams but NE Pats where the top gainers.

3D sound is used to READ the victims living areas and also send sound to wherever the victim is WITHOUT the need to have someone living above or next to them following the victim around to generate sounds exactly where the victim is. 

Instead speakers are arranged so if the victim is in the living room the AHC speakers are adjust so repetitive sounds focus on the living room.  Victim moves to bedroom those speakers  output is then focused on the bedroom WITHOUT the sound needing to become louder or speakers having to be moved, it could be a simple bird like chirp or AC unit like sound.  There are directional listening devices (DLD) that can map the TRUE output of any sound so if one hears tapping upstairs via these DLD's one can see that the tapping is created truly upstairs OR  by more than two speakers which should raise suspicion. 

My neighbors upstairs (supposedly an 80 yr old lady) has 150 watt speakers UNDER her sofa, beds and under kitchen counter (smaller movable types as sound need not be as loud when forced through conduit or pipe containing walls)  pointing towards my apt...SUSPICIOUS?  I know how to protect myself so I watch sadly these criminals become ill every ~20 yrs and/or their children born with "genetic" defects, very sad.

The Pats (New England Patriots) got first try cause they had that TOP coach (back then...From the gIANTS) but as you know the best coaches in sports have to change their playbook every 4 to 5 years or change team / players cause other teams do so much scouting they figure out the play. 

 So the first 3 to 4 years of Brady's Pats I find are legit or they cheated in more conventional manners as video taping or not cleaning the snow off the field unless its for the home team.  After the fourth year AHC is in full use so the conventional cheating is more of a smoke and mirrors thing so no reporters notice an other extracurricular activities as cars wit speakers near by (look up the NY Mets and a van that had dozens of speakers, at first those attacking the Mets use the low flying planes but that is too difficult to maintain so cars/vans that emit repetitive sounds or fans with bells/pots and pans are used.  Of course pot and pans, cow bells have been used in team sports for decades so that will be harder to prove as to exclusively involved in AHC.  I thought the owner of the Pats was involved but it was mainly Brady hence Brady leaves, Pats now can't buy a win and other coaches Pats had also can't win on other teams,certainly not to the playoffs level which they did in Pats kingdom for decades.

Yet Brady goes to a below .500 team and in one year are Champs, that by itself is unusual thought not extremely rare.  What is weird is how a team that had many penalties all of sudden has that turned around so that visiting teams receive the game breaking penalties, again not the most but the game changing penalties, for that to change in one year yet have most of the same players, reads to me at best as a Chicago white sox scandal level occurrence.

BTW NY gIANTS as I posted when they got the BOBs furniture locker rooms they need to get rid of that and use true FULLY created, cured, treated, varnished,paneled furniture that has been fully dried from such treatments for at least 6 month otherwise their brains are being toasted.  This furniture deal was payback for the gIANTS dominating the PATs.  Now I cannot say that the BOB company was knowingly  involved its just that their furniture is low priced for a reason and one of those reasons being not fully treated as in half treated (the side we see) or if treated its with a watered down version as in their leather's treatment  so it can crack after a few yrs of normal use) causes such AHC to be easier or more efficient.  See if you only treat half of the furniture you save half and pass that savings to the consumer.  Its a business deal, I understand but don't use such furniture if you think you are an AHC victim.

Just a messenger that has warmed of this crime since the 1980s.

 I wish Brady and any mentioned here no harm and will let the laws of physics prove my point, peace

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Arctic climate change not connected to weird winter jet stream??? + yada yadda blah blah blah


my 22cents in monopoly money...

Its IN PART the ml-d. 

Hence you have three explanations but none fully fit.

Mr.Henson might be more correct but none of the physics based explanations only will fully explain it.

Just as recently you've seen TS forming near the USofA that look nothing like a TS yet are found to have hurricane force winds sustained by Miss Piggy (that just got rid of most readers) cause these storms are in a tug-o-war between natural forces now on the steroid known as aGW and a device that influences weather I call the ml-d...if I am to be believed? 

The tugging created by ml-d's push-pulls on the upper atmospheres and mid mostly (a few months of its 11 yr cycle the ml-d reaches the lower, higher odds for several EF4+ as you've seen i also predicted 2 wks out even on two cases i alerted 2weeks out to be on the look out for a FASTER regeneration of having another EF3+ in the same area as the first EF3 or 4, that happened twice sadly a well known chaser was killed around one such outbreak) while nature (while interacting within or near ml-d AOIs) is in control the lower to mid areas of these natural exhaust transfer engines we call Topical Storms. 

Those who've tried to read my comments know I present several areas to OB. Some of these are around the OUTER EDGES OF THE ml-d AOI that has NYC in its center for rising/lowering pressures, certain/other AOI areas.  Also to watch for opposites trends (not at the exact times but within ~11 yr periods) as to the opposite area of the planet to the area around NYc, which means SW/W Australia should be burning up more that wet from 2009 till next spring and the Jet stream in the Antarctic should have a very long straight fetch to it that should be considered weird. Moisture fetches towards SE Africa/Madagascar to Philippines should at times be over two times the expected as IN THAT AREA OF THE PLANET the moisture(s) is being focused on the OUTER ml-d AOI AREAS.

What's ml-d? 

Go search my comments all over the webnet.  (I'm turning into an old grumpy man)

Hey be happy its post 2016 as pre 2016 had over 300 aliases (1990-2016) with tons on comments in several languages (most translated by trusted friends).  Much was deleted or private servers removed from webnet in 2016 to protect humanity from such deep discoveries falling into the wrong hands.

On a weather side note::

Weird, read a comment on Cat6YCC as to when was the lat time a 300+ hours out prediction (WxModel) on the formation of a Tropical Storm been correct.  

No one replied with "vis0" [HEY THATS ME!] (sit down no one cares)  at times posted predictions 330++ hrs out that correctly predicted TS.

At least 6 times over 500 hrs out (probably in the upper teens as to amount around 300 hrs) from 2011 till 2020.  My "2wkanom" statements to look out for TS at the end of those 14 to 17 days  was after I looked up the top 3 models and combined it with my ml-d knowledge. (rarely looked them up, mainly pre 2WkAnom times).  If I saw all three TOP WxModels showing activity 300 hrs out at the end of the 2wkAnom cycle since I knew that's when the ml-d kicks back up IF THE PREDICTIONS favored TS moving towards zip 10016 or its Longitude line I posted something like 'watch out in 2 weeks or after this 2WkAnom' and was correct several times.  

But many threw me into the either crazy predictors not worth noting or zilly predictor to keep one on their toes (as Taz) and never took notes or gave me a cookie.

Anyone notice how "on the dot" the sun / sunlight height in degrees begins to lower the duo/dual viruses begin to make a comeback explanation is.
What worries me most is now being mentioned. 
I posted as to Sunlight elevation lowering meant this type of virus (more dependent on man;s  ill's onto planet as in finer pollutants/preservatives shed) became more active/aggressive.   I posted this many times but focused on sunlight elevation angle 66 and 33 but a few times (in particular as to Brasil) mentioned to watch when Sumner begins as the next day the days become shorter/sunlight elevation becomes lower.  

Well get those charts out and see how Covid-19 delta began to get aggressive when...after June 20th 2021.  

The worry is if covid-19 "regular" became worse 2 to 4 weeks AFTER Sunlight went under 66degrees in elevation (NYC that is early August so 2-4 weeks later by Sept., look out) and deadliest after Sunlight elevation goes under 33 degrees (search that sun elevation site I posted dozens of times to locate elevation as to your area) then we better pray that Delta will never become as deadly just infect many more than science could imagine.  So far DELTA is at measles infection rate, if it does not become as deadly I see it infecting at a record rate of at least 2 times more than measles, nut the again  I'm told by most intellectuals that I'm a nut so I guess then instead of listening to  theories that are considered extreme cause they are not in respected journals yet go rub some beads or face the east and pray and hope the winds carrying the virus are from the west and that the beads have been bleached/Lysol-ed, hope I offended most.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

CAREFUL EUROPE 202107-26...false sense of security

 CAREFUL EUROPE 20210726...false sense of security

POSTED ON 202107-27-1600EdT (fromUSofA) (hope the animations show up)



FIRST WHY I POST THIS since no one cares for my work or anyone's work that is new and not fully understood or referenced/explained via a google search unless there is a monetary plus involved and/or a direct benefits that is easily figured out as in posting weather warnings that are understood saves lives/property now.  

A great example is Dr. Masters work in explaining the illing of the planet.  Its WORTH GOLD but the general public (not the loyal layperson/science minded that hang out at his blogs) ignore it even trolls it though his words.info can save one's life, money, better one health and create a truly heavenly planet. So just as Dr. Masters others that use their time to inform in well written blogs/books.  So do I (though in horrific grammar) plus my crap is waayy out there as not even thought of as reality by science minded folks so its going to get less attention, I never thought it would be almost not attention.

From 1991(1980)** till 2021 would post this type of "nutty" alert on a popular news, science website as my way to inform and to see if I could find a caring person in the scientific community that would "connect" with my theories,help me write the comments and that I could trust and pass on my "knowledge". Since I ended that a month ago ~202106 at my last hope science blog I now place these alerts here.  No deep explanation just post it for historic purposes maybe in the future electronic archaeologist dig it up and figure "it" out as in maybe they can figure how I knew this information and maybe help humanity with science breakthrough's or all this e-stuff is  erased via some solar flare/cosmic blowout. 


These are two captures as to Atmospheric pressures, Not including the atmospheric height nor actual pressures cause I could not find a free site with both and am no longer in the business of what would be wasting my time (what would you call 40+ yrs of no one caring?) searching and joining up files to inform others.

                                   ALERT       ALERT

                        (no not a mattress SALE)

Notice the HIGH building strong over Europe. 

Just like early 2021 Europeans (then India/Asia) are going to get a false feeling of the "duo/dual-virus" negative affects lowering (not sure as to Asia cause THIS ISOBAR mapping animation ends before I can see where these HIGHs move towards as to Asia.)

(if the Gifyu links don't work then below here is the direct upload)

ERROR IN ANIMATION POSTED (had posted the next 3 days)  AS WAS TO BE THE PRESSURES ISOMAPS of 1 to 2 weeks ago .  Then I remembered I deleted those yesterday, so search what was happening 2 weeks ago over Europe. A month or so ago I would had painstakingly searched for records of those days to post it no longer do that.


Notice (BELOW) over usOFa the opposite, as in a wide covering LOW pressure trend is over the South usOFa NV. to FL.  Watch those areas go up as to whatever "duo/dual-virus" is dominant in people catching "duo/dual-virus".  My Dyslexia kicks in sometimes, the overlay is to read "SPRAWLING".

(if the Gifyu links don't work then below here is the direct upload)

ERROR IN ANIMATION POSTED   (had posted the next 3 days)  AS WAS TO BE THE PRESSURES ISOMAPS of 1 to 2 weeks ago .  Then I remembered I deleted those yesterday, so search what was happening 2 weeks ago over usOFa. A month or so ago I would had painstakingly searched for records of those days to post it no longer do that.

Search  my old comments (that'll not be easy) at WxU / other blogs and notice the 5 points I state influence what I call "duo/dual-virus" (nature reply for humans  (the dominant/controlling animal)   maintaining the true home filthy)

Simple reference :

 ▬ Atmos. Pressures HIGH  (strong/focused)=Duo-Dual viruses lowering there aggressiveness 

 ▬ Atmos. Pressures LOWS (spread out)=Duo-Dual viruses raising there aggressiveness

 ▬ Sun's (sunlight-specific areas of the electromagnetic spectrum) elevation degrees RISING as to passing the 66° and 33° heights/elevations.=Duo-Dual viruses lowering there aggressiveness (Cosmic rays are included in this cat)

 ▬ Sun's (sunlight-specific areas/emissions of the electromagnetic spectrum) elevation degrees LOWERING as to passing the 66° and 33° heights/elevations. =Duo-Dual viruses raising there aggressiveness (Cosmic rays are included in this cat)

and I forgot number 5...oh yeah  ▬ finer pollutant including preservatives and their concentrated motions throughout Earth just like following Sahara Dust as to Tropical Storms Development, follow the finer pollutants motions and watch covid protects itself i interacting with it (explained on other pages, somewhere).

Monday, July 19, 2021

Mirror Mirror ARE WE HOME YET? (shape of Universe)


i could be 99.9% wrong as to my 50yr old theories but read this (those at the science blogs where I left my last re-re-re-clues, notice the year they give for the full traverse...a bit under my numbers)...


Wednesday, July 14, 2021

The vis0 road show has ended. (please no standing ovations)


Read only if you have room temperature or SLIGHTLY cooler  water to sip as you read and that you know my style of "writing" zucks.

Will ONLY be posting any updates on my theories here.

I've ended my last hope to see if anyone of the scientific community in an official capacity was interested in my theories, without me forcing those theories on any particular person or site. Last try was at a well respected science based site/blog I joined in 2002 but never visited again till I tried several other blogs (mainly news oriented).  My reasoning for trying non science based blogs first was to leave the best opportunity of being listen to for last.   I really thought that within my~11 year limit I place on sending an idea/theory to a person or place and waiting (~11yrs) to see if that person or place reacts with serious questions as to my words. If no one tries to converse with me as to my ideas I send that theory or idea to someone else and if its a website I leave and go to another website. (must be serious vis0 is using upper case "I's"

Why ~11yrs?

Its based on a theory that is recently getting traction as to how the brain seems to be "tattooed" by the solar cycle's with a  Pre-cycle (my theory) tattoo at ~8 yrs and a deeper tattoo at ~11yrs.

I  theorized  that  2 to 2.5, 4 to 5 and 8 to 11 yrs (7 yr itches  actually fall under all three if studied fully) are tattooing periods windows, this I first jotted down in the 1970s.  Some might have seen it in my R O Y G B I V ([(1/2) (1/2)]x4) presentations/blogbytes where the roy g biv which many students hear of by secondary school I use in an unrelated acronym explaining the Sun's cycle as to physics (Main Maternal dimension is ruled by) and what I call Etherics (main Paternal dimension is ruled by).

I use that acronym to mark the purely physics centered Sun cycle years then use a "gold" reference to mask the ethereal  ascend / descending halves in 4 pairs with an added lag affect that reaches around 11 years.  

Search for my    R O Y G B I V ([(1/2) (1/2)]x4)   references, if they are still around/up on the webnet for more clues as to that.

 After ~11 yrs at my last science based blog it ended just like the others.   

Some of the others that rejected me/my style where  members at a weather ch. board in the late 1990s.  They did not like my weird weather theories (though the tornado chasing vehicle I now see being used in the last 10 yrs or so I drew on that board in 1998, plus a few uses as to Doppler in chasing tornadoes/severe wx. Though still have not seen/read of the idea that I posted as to a  Nerf like balls with theorized weather reading instruments inside which if sent towards tornadoes can read the internal workings, as lets say the mag-vibration activities.  Now those micro instruments are enclosed in a specific form/pattern of those foams so any external force just maintains those balls closed tighter. They can hurt no one/nor animal not even crops and can be located even if taken hundreds of miles away via natures forces as they have internal workings similar to what you see now in iWatches in which they pick up and send readings elsewhere to be "crunched", again this was posted in 1998)  Not being liked I left WxCh boards and they where also closing.

I then signed up and posted through 3 small comment sites, two where independent sites for fans of weather. (not incl. TWClassics whom I still owe them as promised Twclassics over a decade ago to post many clips as in (electronics/cost of  issues  has delayed me) hundreds of TWCh hours from ~<5,000 VHS tapes still in storage, now actually in my apt., though  many weird enough destroyed by weathering effects as floods and ocean air (salty). 

Then after a couple of years of not posting much as was mainly tweaking the ml-d as after 2000AD it was ON more than OFF I  went  back to a bigger blogs as ABC-NYc.  I under a year I was being asked to leave ABC-NY weatherboards cause I posted too many weather theories and that bothered the members that preferred ratings as to having more members posting bar jokes and fishing stories though a few liked me cause they thought I was a good nut like Lloyd Lindsey young. Went to Foxblogs again sharing my theories (only time I truly had replies from a "teacher" as to my theories but it was more as to correcting my grammar than on the subject I posted on, though I thought the "teacher from The Bronx was a FOX employee due to IP address/masks. I posted my theories, some extreme thoughts as to religion (others begun those thread(s)) to even warning NYC medical community and to a Dr. Sapna Parikh (FOX medical correspondent) of a man from Argentina who one day just came up to me and said in Spanish do you wanna Box as he threw a punch at my face. I grabbed his fist as it neared my face and squeezed it with my left hand mainly placing pressure around the thumb's eagle point, he fell to his knees I apologized to him. He kept bragging how he could knock me out as also telling me how every 6 or 7 yrs he walked/hikes/hitch-hiked from Argentina to NYc (family lives in the 30s streets' area Manhattan).   During those long trips stated he participated in odd jobs at farms mainly working in the pig/hog area/industry. It hit me then (at 32d st and 3rd area) that at that time there was an illness related to pig farming from south/central America.  So I left a direct message to FOX NYc station president or director named Lou  and Dr.Parikh as to investigate this guy. A month later I'm blocked out of my fox blog sign in. (say blocked or password changed w/o my consent as could not log in tried over 30 times, sent several eMals to fox/fox5 not one reply.

This was ~September 2009 just when I was preparing a Skype channel to air me LIVE as I would use the portable ml-d to bend wind in NYC (first hoped to show this ability through building /office/Apt. windows as not sure of what I had heard that Skype could receive LIVE transmissions via certain cameras was true.  Then if I could afford  a HERO type cam that can send live signals I'd do that as I walked around NYC and maybe from Puerto Rico as my father (may goodness rest his soul) was asking me to visit Puerto Rico and I was thinking of skyping from Puerto Rico.  But being blocked from signing into FOXblogs sept 2009 ended that wish as skype only recognized (THEN) the original embedded site (FOXBLOG new york) as to sending a LIVE signal. 

Three Months later my Father fell while at age 89 climbing trees to get its fruits while in Puerto Rico (obvious not NYc, where you climb trees to get sneakers, if your daring).   I had to go to Puerto Rico DEC/Jan 2010 (2 of my cameras where confiscated as I left NYc.  The gangs I write about have members throughout NYc or they're workers already at certain  jobs that will take (be given) requests from gangs in return for mob like favours, this happens in the NYPD to a frankfurter seller these gangs can infiltrate many jobs, one being security at airports. 


 its just a coincidence that I who have no criminal record 2 citations for helping NYPD (did not accept them as Giuliani was mayor) have been fully frisked in those airport security side rooms 19 times in a rows  when I leave via nYC airports to go anywhere (1980 till 2010 visited Canada, Ill, Boston, Ga., Fl., DC Y Puerto Rico) BTW also went back to Puerto Rico ~May/June 2010.  I know I blend my science theories love of photography and beautiful women of TV in particular women presenting weather segments (a level of science)but that is who I am a scientific nut that loves photography and beauty.

When I came back to the states I signed into wundergroud with my 2002 username. (back then I sent some money in support of WxU but it was not much have no notes of amount just saying cause I remember some saying in ~2012 that free members are freeloaders so just to set the record straight or a least not as crooked).  That username I cannot remember but was like MrX-ish/aka???? username. It was not accepted in my 2010 log in, so I created another username for wxu "vis0".  

Eleven  yrs went 'bye' (2010 through 2021) never had any serious questions asked as to my theories (though two members that have passed on (goodness rest their souls) did ask or make comments I was hoping to start a conversation to one as a to the benefit of smoke and the brain (long term continuous smoke not good but once every few months has benefits, the last was a gentleman who stated that a great majority of T***pers are acting as if psychotic and I was hoping we could eMail each other as to my theory on Electricity's side effect as it seemed he had medical knowledge,later after his death it was stated he was a doctor?) and so I closed my three encrypted eMail accounts (cost me much) which I had created in 2010 and sustained till now (only keeping one) thinking if and when wxu members would ask me a serious question of my theories I will invite them (individually)  to hear/read deeper info ONLY via the encrypted eMails.  

Why so secretive? 

I'd be sharing theories that would include actual formulas/deeper info  that make the a/h-bomb look like a firecracker and no one in their right mind expected me to post that on an open board, did they?.  

Anywho, I recommend that site,  Its blog I highly recommend,. The blog has become detached from WxU and at present its under the YCC (Yale Climate Change) forums.  Look for the blog that become hyper-active when a wxModel 200 days out hints of a TS developing over Az. (heatcane I guess)

Weird thing is this ignoring from both sides fits my theory of how Electricity is causing a side effect that damages the complex brains ability to maintain its two interacting  outwardly flows, the conscience and the ego.  Electricity's side effect I STATE causes the ego to take the place of the conscience, this first affected are the most egotistical . Both the science based people and ego based people affected by this side effect leads to ignoring each groups stabilizing base. 

 For the ego based thinkers many as of late went to follow Donald "Pide piper" Trumpsklison.  That is weird as their stabilizing base is that hurting others physically is a criminal offense and this type of egotistical person usually thinks of themselves as law abiding citizens even if they use "inside info" or send "money under the table" to get things done but they generally do not physically personally hurt others they leave that to racists in the law dept.  Yet they left that grounding base I say due to Electricity's side effect, and began to not just hurt but kill others and that action culminated with Jan 6 2021 terrorist act on capitol hill.  And to this date many still act psychotic saying they did nothing wrong even when they are shown recording/ clips of themselves breaking and entering and threatening and damaging.

Make no mistake if that group were not mainly Caucasians and instead another group "race" or in particular peaceful black protesters with hands in the air the "police"/military would have been there with dogs and full on riot gears and tanks.

Now the scientific based minds' grounding base is to listen to the extreme out of the blue thinkers.  Why Edison was a successful bushiness man as he created the assembly line for the human beings that wanted to invent anything.  As on one floor for nuts like me (as in ideas he "borrowed"), another floor for the intellectuals to take off the sharp corners on the new ideas the nuts submitted  and finally a floor to build the perfected ideas.  SO the new ideas from the nuts went to  the intellectuals which  developed the final acceptable thesis by smoothing out the rough edges to fit the present day known level of physics.   No not the "Tomatan"...careful with that weed-like planet if not taken  with quality oils is can help covid-19 attach more efficiently. Read my earlier covid-19 posts as to that certain sweet n sour sauces might create a petri dish affect for covid-19.... The spirit phone?,no  not to mention I got the wrong number, no but the light bulb. Mostly ideas from others (nuts) but he took the credit cause he worked tirelessly and bought things together to create a final product that otherwise would just exist in the nuts mind, sound familiar?

Well I saw how within a month of posting my crazy theories NEVER FORCING THEM onto OTHERS (as in arguing my point) during the summer/fall of 2010  led me to reach the top 3 ignored members at WxU within a 2 month period.  It took others years and an abrasive style of commenting (even though that abrasiveness is meant to be humorous or attract people) to get the top 3 on the ignored list.  Why I 've stated that I'd rather be Galileo locked up but my papers circulating than be free and my thoughts/ideas/theories ignored.   So I knew this will be a hard road to convince the intellectuals when I only post clues to my theories. Though as state earlier its for a good reason as to protect the idea from falling into the wrong hands as North Korea, Chinese gov. and a few other quai-dictatorships led nations.

Even left clues stating so and also that I might be a GoodWil hunter type member but no goodwill person joined me.(didn't see movie)

So here I am retiring soon and being optimistic, still since I always fed junk food to my organs I'm surprised I'm still here, maybe a decade more on Earth, knock on real imitation wood made. Only the finest polyurethane real imitation wood made in factories situated in the heart of Brazilian amazon.

  Sadly but quietly  I'm going to watch humanity begin to loose its grip on being the successful mammal of this planet knowing that several theories I could have had tested  could have given the chance to save humanity at a much earlier time frame instead  of going through the hell they are creating.

Going to post a few theories I wanted to share with some members of wxu that where in the military and those ideas I wanted to share as a thank you thinking THEY where going to be the core group to ask me questions, but did not.   One is a simple ear plug design that should help lower A.D.D. that I state is generated more frequently by things the military folks have to wear on their person (mainly above shoulders / head) that attracts chaotic flow towards their body combined with the extreme  sounds of conflict/battles that can attract more of the side effect of electricity and multiply its affects on SOME of the people in the military.  Though most from the military are the hardest workers, I think its a good goal to minimize A.D.D. if it can be accomplished sooner than later. 

I almost end this comment /post with an I told ya.

Anybody watching how once the Northern Hemisphere reached its highest degree of the Sun elevation Around the end of June that 2 -4 weeks later (at present Mid July 2021) Covid-19x is rising again. 

Making it worse IN MY WAY OF THEORIZING  are three things.

1) That this delta version is more contagious(maybe in part reason 3).

2) People from those higher Latitudes/poleward areas are visiting the States (or vice versa) as AK./Norther Europe and in particular visit the USofA  states that have the least vaccinated and guess what happens then?  Some of the USofA's southern states should be named Brasil TOO (with the utmost respect for the good Brazilians suffering due to Jair Bolsonaro, the well renowned south American cousin to the USofA's orange clown

3) When this dua/dual virus (Covid-19x) becomes "less aggressive it becomes more transferable by contact instead of exclusively airborne.   When the medical community correctly FOR WHAT THEY UNDERSTAND TILL NOW were saying that it was airborne ONLY and thus people began not to wash surfaces as often (notice lysol-like products stop selling a much last winter).Its now gaining ground IN PART via contaminated surfaces???  Just as I stated on cat6 during 2020winter when WHO /International medical teams states covid-19x is mainly airborne. Its mainly Airborne when Sunlight's elevation are low and/or sprawling LOW pressures are are overhead and crossing national boundaries even when then sunlight elevation is rising as we saw in Europe and India and Central USofA after a strong HIGH late winter/early spring in 2021 (which act like a high sun angle via its pressures) then came a sprawling LOW pressure area (specially in India) created such a sudden covid-19 growth that the negative affect that it forced the international eyes on the unreported dead being their we so many bodies being openly burnt in rituals. Recently such a Low pressure covered the one of the best Nations in controlling covid-19, Israel which went is going through local spike.  Sure it might begin with travelers (home grown or visitors)  but if the conditions favour the virus via theories I've posted since spring 2020 then it will spread as its victims are not based on human quirks as race, nationality, political leanings but on the unprotected as in those with  weaker immune systems or not masked/social distanced.  

Maybe a wall will be temporarily built around Tx and Fl so its does not spread to those trying to help fellow humans.

never got my cookie (just in case, send no cookies or facsimiles that time was and now its gone),peace

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Russia Covid-19 Delta variant ,delta plus

 Short reminder.
If you follow this nut's) (me) theory on sun angle you know in the Northern Hemisphere that area of Russia remains in the serious covid-19 zone IF 3 other variables are in place.   Read my past posts for those variables...two just happened in Russia ~2 weeks ago.

While the est of the North Hemisphere where the Sun Elevation angle s above the theoretical degrees i state they will have high contagious numbers, but not death...till...(if science does not listen to the good nuts like me)

The main sun elevation issues i post of at the moment is affecting the Southern Hem the most.