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Want to post on GZee's FB but too long

 I understand how this country was created in a manner so that not one level has all the power, and in a two to one manner for the same reason. 

The issue to me is WE THE PEOPLE can NOT let our guard down, again... 

Politicians run for office saying "taxes are bad" (began in the late 1960s as the first ploy to bring in to vote for them the un and under educated). Taxes are needed to pay for  things from safe infrastructure to public health. IT'S HOW POLITICIANS are allowed to divert the taxes to "their Friends" (behind close doors - shady deals) that WE THE PEOPLE have to be alert to. We need to have a bill that FORCES politicians to post ALL transactions, of their deals and how they made extra money (not national security stuff of course).  These same politicians cut health, education and arts & sciences leading to a generation of people who don't know the basic right from wrong thus can easily be turned into blind followers as we are observing today. 

An abortion is not a game, yet we have mostly men with an attitude not backed by science nor facts but by egomaniacal type thinking and superstitions even beliefs that use misunderstood religious passages to back up their egomaniacal way of thinking. 

Before legal abortions more women/families suffered, more babies were born either dead (still born)  or died from complications from earlier unprofessional administered abortions that damaged the uterus/surrounding areas so when the woman wanted and knew she was ready to take on the responsibilities of having children, issues preventing pregnancies occurred BECAUSE OF THE NEED for an abortion, but they were illegal. As in cases of incest, rape, "accidental" pregnancy (usually us guy's fault in being irresponsible) and the only abortions available was the self or illegal "back room"  unprofessionally administered abortion.

I've posted this elsewhere, and hopefully It's not too "adult oriented" if so delete the post (was going to post on GZee).  But we have politicians WITH FULL MEDICAL CARE for even their cousins. They can get male enhancement drugs in part paid by government (YOU THE PUBLIC) which by the way can lead to the need for an abortion, again from a guy being irresponsible yet the same health category for women "sexual reproduction" is chopped away at.


Mainly because there are folks (men and women) selling door to door via Sunday school and religious beliefs that they have a license from Gawd to play Gawd on Earth. Some action twisted their minds to feel that forcing others to think as they do AS TO PERSONAL RIGHTS is OKAY when one of the most important parts of the BILL OF RIGHTS 

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long-established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.  

Yes the word CREATOR (but not a specific religion), LIFE is in there as in a person that has been physically born otherwise why dom't these same men in powerful positions create laws that give the unborn  a monetary status even give a fetus full health care if they truly cared, why not ? 

Because that is not a living being, it's dependent on the actual living being, the mother.  If goodness forbid the supporting connections disconnected, the unborn could not survive unless it was passed the second trimester. If the early stage(s) of pregnancies were that of a living human being as many of the right to life/anti-choice groups want one to believe, and sadly they do an efficient job of spreading their AT BEST beliefs at worst known lies, such embryos would survive by themselves outside the supporting living being, the mother.

Now, why don't these right to lifers or better anti-choice force the Supreme court to imprison more men for masturbating? 

Example us men should go to prison for masturbating as that act is done much more often (understatement) than aborted pregnancies.  If RIGHT TO LIFERS base their antiabortion/anti-choice mumbo-jumbo on the abortion releasing the life creating material in being some sort of sin as in choosing to have an abortion, then the sperm that carries much more "life"/genetic materials / info via the "oil" than the "egg" in being released is just as if not more of a crime as millions are killed if the anti-choicers way was based on facts.  But I don't see those men or women even thinking in that manner because their egomaniacal style of thinking is male centered. 

I could type up a few more dozen pages on how this male dominated way of thinking  happens via Earth precession, but that's a theory in the duodecium link and if it's discovered to be a real effect humans should still work hard to keep humanity balanced it serves humanity in the long run to do so.


Here how I look today, 
My mug:: two videos (speaking and silent)::

HERE IS THE DEAL as to a VID with my face, IF YOU OPEN THE LINK JUST BELOW IN THE SAME BROWSER THAT HAS the logged onto FB OPEN ON IT, ONE OF THE VIDS (The silent one)  WILL PLAY. To hear me you have to go to my FB at::

Search for the comment "Good to see your face", there you should see two images, the talkie is on the left, unless you're doing an upside down yoga, position.

My 60 year old mug, please be ready to cover your eyes I'm hideous.

Here are some links to other blog pages on this blog, so one can kind of see how I think;
WARNING some subjects are adult oriented, though none in the links provided.

The following just theories, read during free time, drink room temperature water not cold to help brain remain cool when reading hard to understand paragraphs.

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Re to post on FB

 (If one is looking for my reasoning as to why there are many unhealthy people within certain communities, as to Ginger Zee's New Orleans Facebook story, scroll down to the in BOLD words "MY THEORY" on how carcinogens work through the air, not just via skin contact in this modern society.)

First, why was I banned from Instagram? (Friends are still working to get me back; I sent a photo of my IG generated ID number, but there has been no response from Instagram.) That was 3 months ago. I was late by two months but immediately let IG know as to why I was going to be late in replying to their request for a photo of myself with their ID number. Reason,  compu'r - camera - money issues. Much money is spent on caring for the elderly in our family, including my mother, whom I brought back to live in NYC, because Puerto Rico has too many problems, from weather to gangs, for the elderly to live alone in rural communities. After ruining two HERO cameras (each over 600 $) I held mtself back from speanding money on cameras for a year, that ends in mid 2022.

In Instagram's case, I sent ideas on how to cook in a healthier manner, including lowering aGW via cooking tips, to a person I think the world of (respect-wise), as that person was leaving their morning TV gig, finally getting some good R.E.M. sleep after 10 years. So I figured, let me send quite a few ideas to help her pass the time while taking her mind off what was an over 10-year habit of getting up at ~1AM (a guess). The ideas included cooking with one's fridge. They would lower costs, including for restaurants, by 30 to 40%, which is important in restarting the food industries in the world, ideas she could share knowing so many in that industry. That person (Ms. Scala), a beautiful woman, I think the world of for her manner of sharing her trips around the globe to teach us about other cultures and positive developments to help animals dislocated by bad/uncaring human activities. 

Sadly, the IG app I used for sending 30,000 characters of ideas and breaking them down into 1,500 character long messages to be sent over a month failed to work properly, as in not sending the preface page, in part because I accidentally sent the rough draft instead of the spell check version (it was to warn me if I sent the wrong files, I didn't, plus I stayed up so late to write that I should have taken a nap). So her IG site marked me as a severe spammer, and I was booted off IG.

That experience has led me to instead of posting my long-winded theories on other people's pages as I wanted to post  in a reply to Ms, Zee's great and good work, instead being posted on one of my last active public blogs, you se here, below.


Before you go on, let me state that the cure to Electricity's side effects is what I call ETHERtricty.
One of three ways one can create ethertricity is being developed in chips that use light to transfer energy instead of hard-wiring.

A second way is too dangerous to post.

A third way is to create specific shapes via plastic around all electricity creating sites (electricity generating power plants etc.) that can lower at least 33% of its side effects in time, up to 66%. In time, I hope to post a type of bed frame/support (posted parts of it on two sites) that allows one to sleep without being negatively affected by electricity's side effects or what I call "AudioHitler" (news calls it "Havana Syndrome"), it aint crickets believe me) which is what groups that desire mind control like Scientology, Unification Church, certain large Southern churches, or sadistic politicians going under the Republican banner that began during McCarthyism to those controlling Soviet soldiers to think they are fighting Nazis and kill grandmas in the belief that elderly women are Nazi militants (as heard some Russian soldiers yelling before shooting them). Thus, their soldiers are brought back after each month to re-indoctrinate and retrain their brains via audiohitler-style influence. To fight that, find the correct Lilly wave pattern that breaks that type of mind control. You might think that's nuts, but have you heard of books that can be played via headphones as you sleep to train one's brain? This is that but uses certain electromagnetic weaves in place of the headphones to get the  mind to become "hypnotized" in certain beliefs.

To study this theory, observe how the only two outwardly open recieving portions of the brain, The ego (outwardly focused) and conscience (inwardly focused) is affected by right angle formations "crashing" into each other and emitting a chaotic pattern near (with 45, 30 then 15 feet) the brain.

I know it gets tiring to read, but one of my theories as to electricity's side effects is how its action reaction teaches the complex animal's cells to do the "dance" of cancers, thus in time the body can "be taught" to more easily invite the many carcinogens to affect the body negatively.

The body has five ways in which it developes an action-reaction to what effects it::


 ■ It takes it in by what one purposely introduces to the body (ingestion to placing things in the body).


 ■ It takes it in by what's transported through the air (inhaling or through skin).


 ■ It takes it in by accident. (piano falls on one... okay, maybe watched a little too much Three Stooges)


 ■  It takes it in via the family tree (physical genes) as in the habits of one's family through the generations built up within that family's genes.


 ■  It takes it in by the Karmic Tree *ethereal genes, directly from the real you. "Light DNA"/your actions as measured by the laws of Physics and Etherics what I call the Parental Dimensions. Light DNA?, is the real "U" that reincarnates into many carnal lives, one at a time. It's in that percentage of blood plasma that cannot be accounted for in disappearing after death.

Each of the above can be used for good or bad.

An example of number 1 above. 

If one eats more greens and veggies than fatty foods, one will be healthier than if one ate more fatty foods than greens.

An example of number 2 above. 

One goes outside (not applicable to smog-filled areas) to clean air areas and breathes in deeply as one exercises. That will help the body become healthier than if one exercised with a lit cigarette hanging out of one's mouth. Ask Ben how, in the 1980s, breathing in NYC was like smoking a pack a day. I once took a film (not a video, I'm old) of a friend flying a brightly coloured kite in NYC. Then I filmed as the kite disappeared into the smog that filled the NYC air once he flew it below 57th street into the wall of gray smog. That polluted air and noise should prevent horse carriages from operating on a daily basis. It damages the animals' nervous systems and ruins their quality of life. Maybe only on weekends and Matinée days.

Since those here have not read my blogs or notes posted since 1981 (I had most deleted in 2017 as I thought those ideas were too dangerous to be left on the webnet without my supervision, they were easily removed as they were on friends' servers), here is a quick refresher.

I state that electricity has countering ninety degree outflows that create a sort of air flowing MAX chaos throughout the planet (one effect is unbalancing the planet's Hz, a little shift goes a long way). That MAX chaos in time (after three generations becomes a part of damaged genes) affects the human mind in that the chaos is "looking" to become naturally grounded and head back into center Earth, where such sounds go to be emitted back via space in etheric affected flows as the 8+ outward arc angles of lightning as "sprites". There is an outward (acute to obtuse) angle of lightning for each colour of the rainbow, but most are too faint to see. I write 8+ because there is half-ascending and descending clear angle lightning that can only be seen when studying black holes locally.


The problem is that chaos has to find a naturally occurring source of grounding that has a high revv factor.

Guess what that is? The human brain-body connection.

So this chaotic flow enters the body, creating or raising the odds of higher levels of diseases that are first directly electrically influenced as Alzheimer, ADD, dementia, Parkinson (sent Michael J. Fox in 2012 a way to study this via a form of 2:1 breathing and reading how the brain then lowers Parkinson up to 33%), never received a reply. My mother's dementia was reduced by using metal tubes and direction-controlling paper cutouts to send this loose, chaotic flow towards the tru-ground, thus outside the apartment. However, these should NOT BE TRIED TILL SCIENCE TESTS THEM AS THEY WILL MAKE THINGS WORSE IF NOT DONE EXACTLY THE RIGHT WAY as for one correct method, there are literally hundreds of incorrect methods. I hope another caring soul comes along and figures this stuff out and that humans then pay attention, ask questions, and study those weird theories, otherwise we never learn. Those cut-outs in paper were created in Central America and hung. They were said to lower evil spirits but really lowered NATURAL forms of static build-up. But again, DO NOT TRY THAT. It will not work with electricity's side effects and WILL even make things worse. 


Subcategories, such as polluted lands emitting a resonance that, when interacting via triangulation of Electricity's ninety degree interactions, creates pockets of unhealthy areas for humans, as I believe happens in regions with poor, under-educated humans, such as New Orleans. The area is not cleaned up because politicians do not respect or fear the poor because they do not complain, know where to complain, or outwardly demand that their rights be respected as much as people with money. The effect of electricity is that it causes "man" to go from using their conscience as the last filter to questioning their actions and switches that responsibility over to the ego. This means that it will be harder to get people to listen to basic sense. For example, an electric car is preferable (NOT PERFECT) to a gas-guzzling, uncontrollable, polluting, emitting vehicle. But since the ego via electricity's side effect, is now causing many to follow their ego, not conscience, then if the egotistical people are fed lies in a manner that makes them feel like they are liked (as certain politicians do to them). Therefore, some, now many, will believe what the lying salesman says as if it were THE OTHER OR REAL TRUTH, when basic sense shows one that there is only one truth and good science presents that to help evolve mankind.

Hence, science recently has had a harder time convincing people WITH SCIENCE FACTS that it's cheaper, healthier, and all around better to use clean energy than either dirty energy or dirty energy rebranded as "clean".

How can "clean coal" or "clean oil" be clean if it gets onto one's clothing, whereas not even TIDE gets it out? Sure, sunlight (solar power) can damage clothing, but not on the first try. One last note: don't forget that the true solar energy is wind. Learn how to bend the jet streams down into a wind stream and feed it through turbines within an 8-hour limit. (I state 8 hrs as not to affect natural wildlife's usage of free moving air for their senses. If one uses it for more than 8 hours, it changes the magnetic flow of air that creatures like the monarch butterfly and whales use to read the planet's compass. No joke, there are colours that represent magnetic areas that airflow picks up on and animals read for their livelihood. But imagine four turbines atop a 50-story building and a device that attracts jet stream motions down to those turbines. After 8 hours, a thin 10-story building of batteries next door can store enough energy to power a city mile for a month with no pollution (except to build the batteries). Oil workers that once worked on ocean rigs are now used to maintaining these city turbines. No jobs are lost in the change from dirty oil to clean air. Shareholders get shares transferred to clean air creations if they join early. Sadly, I gave up trying to pass on this knowledge in 2016 after spending my hard-earned money as most of the jobs I had been in the cleaning service industry due to terrible memory and severe dyslexia because I have very low memory capabilities to work in other jobs.


Gregorio O. DeMojeca aka; vis0, wxretro, espyther.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

One way to lower School shootings

 First and best way to correct the social ills that lead to so much violence is a FULL EDUCATION. 
Sadly many politicians, especially the sadistic running as Republicans (some Democrats) cut the Arts & Sciences and anything that in the short and long term help develope a mind that thinks things out towards the greater good of all. When we have representatives placing more time and effort in banning books or words as Gay that shows you how their minds are set to not enrich humanity, but eventually take away the people's rights to speak freely, especially in the halls of government buildings where the seed of freedom were first NURTURED to create the United States of America,  that's for my other BlogBytes.

One is here to read an idea in preventing school shootings and / or the stopping of the innocent / would-be victims from being shot while in schools.

Here is one of three ideas as to protecting children  in schools from gun violence.

(One of the ideas I can no longer share as it can be used in reverse as a terrorist act)


It's to create door frames that affect the bullet via its magnetic or diamagnetic properties.

A push-pull effect on the bullet can redirect a much slower projectile towards the floor or ceiling if the door frames are correctly wired.  In this manner the doors are closed be it by the teacher or automatically via a security system, that would be the second level of separation between the operator of a weapon/gun/or projectile emitting device to be used for a criminal purpose and would be victims.

The third level are the magnetized door frames alternating in a fast manner to change the direction of magnetic and diamagnetic projectiles via the door's specifically manufactured front panel. Things can be hung on the class room's side to drop when activated from the door frame in turn magnetized that can interfere with the criminal's weapon, as in becoming magnetically redirected to lose force even stuck. A thing hanging can be similar to what we called hippies curtain of beads but created to become magnetic similar to chain link material.
Plastics/Composites can be effected via specific intrAE-resonances. Weird enough, it's part of  the "flow" the device I call a ml-d uses (influences weather) of which I type of  on this blog and used to throughout the webnet, but no one has a desire to discover truly new levels of science, so I gave up on that, I'll let science figure that out.

This system for optimum effect should, can be set for all doors or the doors near the criminal activity IF COMMAND CENTRAL IS FULLY PROTECTED  FROM ANY ATTACKS. Wires are to be installed in a very protective tubing.  A quick-drying epoxy emitting system can be placed in the ceiling near these doors for the purpose of spraying epoxy onto the shooter thus securing him/her in place and even preventing the finger from pulling the trigger or explosives till officers arrive and either unArm him/her from behind or I prefer place the person inside a bombproof cloth/container take them to the bomb detonating area, and check them via remote so no one gets hurt. No bomb goes to prison for life, bomb explodes pray for that person's soul try to figure why they acted that way. We either learn from past errors or repeat them til we're extinct.

This was first posted on AOL in the 1990s, and several times afterwards that including, TRIPOD, Excite and Yahoo groups, FOX-boards (Nyc), Wunderground.
Only the TRIPOD and wundergrounds (WxU) site MIGHT still exist. Though WxU was via a link if I remember correctly as I was being banned too often for my way out ideas, so I decided to use links to friends' servers which were closed by 2017.

Of course, I'm a nut so no one listens to my extreme ideas, but at least I try. ,peace

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Cooking methods lower aGW & what banned (hopefully temporarily) Gregorio from IG. -Xaviar Posting

I've asked Gregorio (vis0) to post similar as I have below but he feels the IG ban is permanent as he's e-mailed IG of his situation several times in not being able to afford a camera till months from now so he used a friends IG to forward his image with the security code but it was not accepted because IG wanted Gregorio in front of the computer with the IG code in his hands and computer screen. Gregorio is very particular of who he allows in to his apartment.  Those at the science blogs he posts at understand why, as it has to do with, lets call it his top-secert device. So no way anyone is going to take a photo inside his apartment.

I'm using a word processor I helped create for him and its settings are AI set to mimmick his style of writing so some portions read as his writing style. 

 My eFriend vis0 (also known on YouTube as WxRetro, in real life is Gregorio O. DeMojeca) sent a local NYC reporter a 10+ idea list for ways to save energy while cooking, growing foods, and cleaning, and was banned from Instagram for it (explained at the end of this text-video as to why I think it was an auto bot misunderstanding). 

 ►  Four ideas for using the refrigerator to cook, which saves plenty of energy use.


We constantly pre-heat water to cook in, even placing foods in water that isn't boiling for several minutes, when only a minute of cooking in boiling water is needed. 

Using the refrigerator can lead to lowering the use of the energy grid and savings of 50% to 75% per cooking cycle in energy bills.

Here is one method. (These are not Gregorio's words; he shared these ideas with me in the late 1990s, I shared them with others via this text on the video linked at the bottom. I would rather post a video of me in my kitchen, but Gregorio wants no one to place their likeness on his sites as Gregorio fights modern gangs with science. He claims that if I post my mug on his website, they will blackmail me in the same way they blackmail him by spreading false rumors. (This is how gangs lower the value of good citizens.)

Save the earth while saving money, the ultimate incentive for $keptics of global warming.

 ►  Non-food needs:

Cooking Bowl or pot with a tight cover or lid.

A narrow but deep, thin-skinned aluminum pot is usually used for mixing coffees.

A refrigerator

 ►    ►  COOKING PASTA with refrigerator method.

When cooking pasta, first place the pasta in a bowl and add cold water. Cover the bowl or pot and shake vigorously. 

Empty the shaken pasta and cloudy water into a colander. This to remove the starch, the natural equivalent of corn syrup, causes junk foods, preservatives to bond in the gut.

Now place the pasta back in the bowl or pot and refill that pot that has the pasta with cold water again. 

Place in the refrigerator (middle shelves) for 15 minutes.

When fifteen minutes have passed, take it out of the fridge and shake it again. Rinse out the starch, in part, the cloudiness caused by the unneeded starch.

Place again in the fridge, this time for 15 minutes to 45 minutes, depending on the pasta type's becoming al dente and SLIGHTLY malleable.

This is to soften (cook) the pasta to the point that when one thinks that in three minutes they will take out that bowl of softened pasta from the fridge, at that point they will turn on the stove's burner with a covered pot of water to boil for pasta. (Usually, water in a covered pot will reach boiling in 2 minutes.)

Once the water is boiling, drop the softened pasta into the boiling water and in a minute to ninety seconds, the pasta is done (LESS TIME IN HOT WATER).

This leads to less starch changing its molecular structure, which then can stick to the gut more easily. 

Total time: 3 to 4 minutes.

The present used-to style is turning on the stove burner till the water is boiling, which is, as above, 2 minutes. But then drop in pasta straight from the box/bag into boiling water that will take 3 to 5 minutes to cook (some pasta interaction when not pre-softened tends to overflow the boiling water even if the starting flame is low, making a mess on the burners; the overflow can extinguish the burner flame, resulting in gas escaping [bad enough] and overheated pasta is bad for the gut). The total time via the usual method is 5 to 7 minutes, and that's for regular pasta. Harder pasta can be double that time, yet the fridge-softened version, if softened to the correct level, takes the same amount of time in the boiling water (3 to 4 minutes), because the harder pasta is left longer to soften IN THE FRIDGE.

Since the refrigerator is always running and the more it has inside, the more energy efficient it becomes, this style becomes a money saving situation in placing food to soften in the fridge versus more time with stove/burners on, as in it's a




-win, result. 

(bit of vis0's style of humour, its catching)

This and another method for restaurants to save even more to help them get back on their economic feet was also shared on that other IG. I'm hoping my friend will tell me the specifics of the restaurant style. Though he is reluctant to share an idea so soon, as once he shares an idea, if it's not tried, or-and he is categorized in a negative light by those he sends an idea to, he then keeps his ideas to himself for 8 years till he shares them again. He waits eight years to give the person the chance to try the idea. 

Why eight years? He connects the brain and thought patterns to the sun cycle. Don't laugh. Such an idea is now a major study in Europe and at NYU in NYC (via brain injuries). That's one of his hundreds of theories from the 1970s, he told me and his long time friends, and year after year you read how those ideas, when thought of by others and tested by others, show advances in science.

The next tip is to use only a small amount  (FRACTION) of oil when cooking.

To use less oil, as in cooking rice, meats, etc., where one combines water and oil as the base to cook with, try the following.

Blend the oil and water between two pots till the clear water with just a few drops of oil added becomes cloudy.


Here's the how and why.

Just as tropical rains are greater in rainfall amounts because the air has a higher blend of moisture to air, a.k.a. saturated with moisture as in tinier raindrops but many more of them, one can copy nature and use much less cooking oil. Do this by placing LITERALLY only a few drops of oil in the water. I use two drops per serving of rice. Yes, TWO drops. I use an eye dropper. I laughed too when Gregorio told me this, but this method took off 12 Lbs. The elders in my family would use a couple of teaspoons of oil, for the same amount of rice, THOUGH they did move about more (working in fields) and drank lots of water, so they sweated out lots of the "not good for the body" ingested foods and oils.


 If you don't have a pot with a silicon secure lid, then have two pots ready; the cooking rice pot and the narrow deep pot.

(For a narrow pot, since it's just for mixing, buy those super thin-skinned, narrow aluminum coffee mixing pots. They are longer than the bars mixing containers and much thinner (thin and narrow are used in tropical regions to mix coffee, if used in colder climates, the coffee would become cold or even freeze while mixing). 

Toss back and forth between the cooking pot and the narrower, deeper pot the water you added only a few drops of oil to. 

After 6 or 8 tosses of back and forth, observe how the water appears cloudy. One cannot mix oil and water (by hand), but one can toss the blend back and forth till the drops of oil are so small that the space between oil and water is equal or less than the area each oil droplet covers. (same concept, mixing used to create vinaigrette for salads).

Essentially, now nothing can escape being bathed in that tiny bit of oil that's now spread throughout the water. 

Now that the super blend is boiling, place rice in that super blend of water-oil or oil-water (you say tomato, I say pizza, lets call delivery of Tonys on 24th and the best Two bros. on 25th & 6th and have a "compare-off").

Allow the rice to cook (this allows for a method where it's done in 4 minutes). 

When rice is percolating with very little water bubbling upwards (openings will naturally occur as in rice aerating itself) grab the fork (NEVER PUSH RICE NOR smack the spoon onto the side of the pot to release rice on the big spoon, as that causes rice to join up/compress and become too sticky or wet.) Use the fork as a chicken uses its claws to show the chicks two ways of manipulating nature to eat their catch. 

One reason a chicken uses her claws is to slightly separate the soil, as in aerating it. That attracts the worms to come up, and then the chicken uses its keen eye site to peck at the worms' "eyes" or head, vwualla dinner for her and her chicks. The chicken will also send the kill back with her claws towards the sunny area, so it cooks in the sun's rays. She comes back and shows the chicks, oven fresh worms. mm mMM MMM!.

As to the almost done rice, use the fork as a chicken's claws to peck and scrape up the rice, SLIGHTLY. 

This creates aerating pockets, so the rice can be evenly drying. Create a tiny pocket every inch or so, don't worry if the flickering of rice overlaps another opening; it's loose, so it will not slow the aerating process. Don't scrape too hard or the rice will fling onto the floor IF YOU ARE LUCKY, or if unlucky, onto your arm and give you a not-so-nice slight steaming hot rice burn.

Once you've aerated the rice AGAIN, DO NOT MIX RICE. If one desires to create a small hill of rice in the center of the pot, then arreate the rice towards the center of the pot by clawing and flinging the rice from the pot's outer edge towards the pot's center.

END OF helpful, cooking methods.

NOW as to why you cannot communicate with Gregorio via IG. in case you want to send a thank you or as he says, a "Thanks nut" (besides leaving a comment on a youtube video, only other method the general public could communicate with him was through IG. Though it might have looked empty recently, he erased or moved his early years of IG to a storage site as he had several scientists from dictatorial countries and was worried they were spying on his IG account to get IP links to good scientists.

Gregorio was banned from IG last December 2021. 

This is what I can figure out as he has been on the "internet" since 1982 via NYiT which had one of only a handful of room full of computer consoles connecting between MIT or some New England University through certain S.U.N.Y. colleges as NYiT (on 60th st,. NYC) to eventually Berkley, CA.). In all those years he never was banned  (except for day to week long bans on wunderground mainly because of his silly humour and outrages, TO SOME, scientific theories). As in, he has information on three planets that have human-like life on them that he is 90% sure of and showed me. That planet emits energy grid flows, but I'll let NASA figure that out if they ever do triple-background checks on stored info and match it to earthly actions considered ethereal-like as to a certain cosmic flow that meets perpendicular and parallel to that area at the same time (that's one of his clues). Though Gregorio left several clues as to its location and how that civilization is about 13k years ahead in technology, none of the people he shared clues with as to where that planet is located (NGC and as to eq. azimuth) cared to reply. After sharing with five IG sites, including Ms. Scalas, via the auto-sending IG App the cooking method to lower global warming and help restaurants save big money, he goes back to Ms. Scala's IG website, enters a few silly comments to make readers laugh (as to a photo of an empty Rockefeller centre area in 2020 (he told me), and a few seconds later, after going and returning from a friend's IG page, up pops that he has been banned from IG.

For comparison, the ideas and methods of lowering aGW and the energy saving methods of cooking and food growing sent to Ms. L. Scala were at least 15 times greater in words and characters than what you read above as to lowering aGW methods when cooking. He told me he sent it via an IG app that breaks down the messages into acceptable amounts of characters, as let's say 2K characters per message over several weeks, so it's not marked as spamming. He also thought he had accidentally sent the rough drafts, but at worst it had lots of spelling errors and no negative comments on anyone, as he is not that sort of person.

Why did he send a stranger these cooking methods?

He sent these cooking methods to Ms. Scala as she was retiring from the early morning shift. He felt, let me send her some ideas to keep her mind busy, plus was hoping she could connect with a group of women, few of his family members (Four of Five women belong to his family) that were hoping to create a bond between NYC and the Caribbean Islands to help finance restaurants owned by women that had gone through TS destruction and the Pandemic spread Pause, as their family had done similar decades ago when they first came to NY in the early 1900s, as it was the women that organized the men to open up bodegas and restaurants, by closing store in one area to support stores in other areas till they all were self supported (a form of barter-borrowing).

As stated, Gregorio also sent the exact same IG-mesages to five others, all knowing Gregorio they accepted these large messages, but I think Ms. Scala, being a popular public figure, has a spam filter set to sensitive and that read Mr. Gregorio's messages as severe-spamming leading to his auto ban from IG via Ms. Scala's IG automated request. Just my guess. 

Gregorio constantly thinks about helping others, not for himself (does that in part from his heart, but I think he has an anti-money phobia which keeps him from using his ideas to fund the rest of his theories). He was saddened by being banned from IG not for him but for the lady relatives who went back to the Caribbean without being able to create connections to business through Gregorios IG connections. The women went back to their Caribbean homes, worried that the next TS would finish their businesses.

BTW,  on IG he is Gregorio_aka_WxRetro. I've called and emailed him, but got no reply. At times, he is hard to get a hold of, for weeks. He brought his mother back from Puerto Rico a decade ago and takes care of her as she has dementia (though I think she did not want to stay there much longer, too many gangs in rural areas). He also shops for food for two widows as he promised their husbands (WWII veterans) to make sure they remained safe while living in the building he lives in.

 I use YouTube or FB to communicate with him, the public now only has youtube, via videos he posts.

 I and five close friends are trying to get him back on IG, as he had family photos stored there and used IG as the main form for sudden needs and alerting the family of upcoming storms.

Now you know who is the vis0 character I post ideas from here on Z's, if allowed hope to post more energy lowering money saving tips, unless he gets back on and posts them himself on this IG.

Saturday, February 5, 2022

This MAYBE why a rise in ADD, Autism, Alzheimer, Dementia since 1950s. NOT VACCINES.

   Two reasons I SAY (THOUGH NOT SCIENTIFICALLY  PROVEN) that lead to the autism/ADD rise since the 1950s/60s.

What I refer to as "audiohitler," as well as the side effects of electricity.

First, the modern crime, which I call AUDIOHITLER.

AudioHitler is what L. Ron (later of quasi-Scientology fame) figured out after the Navy tried similar experiments around WWI. The use of rotating devices that emit specific electromagnetic outputs that influence the human body and brain that can cause them to become ill. It was scrapped as many using /testing it committed suicide and had radiation-like sicknesses, as well as Legionaries disease and dark mold developed. 

BTW, when you see sudden cases of Legionaries, though there has to be stagnant areas of water, odds are the "Audiohitler" crime I type of is being administered to elderly nearby. 

If you notice sudden outbreaks of black mold, such as at the PHIPPS Tower at 444 East 2nd Avenue in Manhattan (1970s-1990s), chances are children are nearby being attacked by audiohitler.

That mold case was reported by reporter Mike Sheehan at WNYW (FOX5), which was then in the late 1990s and early 2000s. I thought those involved in this crime at Phipps Tower would find a way to get him fired,  just like in Scientology, they find underhanded ways to ruin those that go against them or report negative facts.

Coincidence:: Fox News Employees Expose Mold Illnesses; Dangers (tell me someone(s) at FOX were using audiohitler to ruin their minds. | as reported in, - The world's largest TOXIC MOLD website. 

Mr. Sheehan was later fired for an accident that though was cruel to an animal, I think firing him was too harsh. He was a TOP reporter, well respected, with 16 years of good service.

There was so much black mold at the 444 2nd Avenue building that the entire building facade was fully removed/resurfaced. It's a 33-story building, was drawn as the "WATCHTOWER" in certain religious magazines. It was literally where Audiohitler began its concentrated use in Manhattan;, it had high-powered antennas on top of water tanks (bricks), which is illegal, all to act as a watchtower. They used this building as a  Watchtower to control traffic generated sounds that they wanted to implement in their attacks. Why, from east 30th street to east 21st. on  2nd Avenue in Manhattan, New York, traffic been consistently backed up since 1975 (5x more than any other street, (not counting streets that lead to tunnels or bridges), and street excavation is 800% higher in that area, where I have lived since the 1970s?

BACK TO L. Ron invention that ruined the world. Decades later after the Navy/military turned towards HAARP (uses drier portion of Audiohitler much worse for brain development) and left behind what I call Audiohitler, L. Ron while in the NAVY (some told me he stole top secret info to get his ideas) created such a device that used repetitive sounds to inject SAFE levels of microwaves into victims.  This was to control the victim's emotions, add pains to the victim's everyday life (initially via "leaky gut" VERY BAD FOR BODY, it leads to poisoning of entire body/brain thus slow death) to even lead to psychosis and death. Can be used as payback but mainly for extortion.  A modern version of "If you don't pay me protection money, your business MIGHT burn down" or "cousin might give ya a visit and crack yer knee caps" type of extortion.

L. Ron had friends in Los Alamos, where many "black magic" studies were preformed. 

In Manhattan,NYc a similar activity was being done at that research  high security  

(WHITE+gray building) at 26th and first avenue, across from old C & D buildings of Bellevue hospitals. Test on animals of such a crime were done there, just half a block from Phipps tower.

I explain how this is all connected to McCarthyism, the rise of South America's Hitler aficionados, JFK /RFK assassinations, Nixon in office, (tried to influence Reagan 1980s BUT FAILED ON ACCOUNT HE Had Alzheimer), and finally Giuliani as lawyer then Mayor and Trump, DeSantis and Cruz. It's a conglomeration of the oldest sadistic group, Hitler folks, certain mob groups and those religious groups that control their "flock" as Scientology, Unification church, portions of Jehovah Witnesses certain southern USofA  Church's. In South America, it's rampant. The Universal Church of God a  Neopentecostal Christian group left portions of South America fleeing prison time of stealing millions ALLEGEDLY, they are now in Brooklyn, NYC.  Their big THING during the 1990s was talking in tongues.

Back to Audiohitler.

The safe levels of microwaves REPEATEDLY injected via the use of at first loud repetitive sounds then after three days or so all the attackers need is a constant high or low-pitched white noise type of sound barely audible  (why some hear this constant whistling (like that of water pressure from a water pipe or tea kettle), bell ringing (use of Casio watch chime through speakers), in NYC steam pipes are constantly being tapped lightly (even gas pipes) all to redirect the microwaves into the victims body.   When this crime is NOT, again, NOT administered correctly, you get Havana Syndrome. That is because instead of the injected energies entering the body at the correct rate (not going to be specific, don't need copycats) in wrong rates it leads to superficial injuries that are painful.  It's like using the wrong laser (resonance)  to remove a skin issue, ouch!

Now this audiohitler crime really began to grow in use in the late 1950s after McCarthyisms use and 1960s and matches exactly when the illness you speak of being blamed on vaccines began to rise.

WE ALWAYS HAVE TO ASK QUESTIONS AS TO ANYTHING WE PUT IN OUR BODIES but be intelligent about it not superstitious nor irresponsible to the point that some antivaxxers say just wearing a mask is worse than the Auschwitz concentration camp. Every time I hear that, I get sick to my stomach, make a double take to make sure it's not a joke (very bad joke to make -understatement) nor some parrot owned by some Hitler fans in South America  taught to repeat those words.

THE SECOND REASON I STATE (NOT PROVEN FACT)  FOR the rise IN ADD, Alzheimer, Parkinson and other electrically interactive body/brain areas that have a rise in diseases issues since the 1950s is what I say is the Electricity's side effects.

The side effects of Electricity has a similar effect as AudioHitler BUT NOT IN A SPECIFIC DIRECTED TOWARDS A VICTIM MANNER. Thus creates a rise in general of areas of the body that interact with electrical flow as brain (ADD, Alexanders, Dementia, Parkinson) and certain organs are influenced to high a higher concentration of chaotic flows that lead to these diseases. IF science took me seriously JUST TO STUDY my theories and created specific designs in plastic and placed them inside the 4 compass facing walls of every electrical power plant buildings, within 2 generations, 30% to 45% of the aforementioned type of illness would lower to even disappear. 

The hum of electricity recreates that to-n-fro 90 degrees angle that causes electricity to be harnessed. That to-n-fro 90 degrees just happens to create the highest level of interactive chaos onto the complex being, that being humans. It leads to similar negatives as Audiohitler.  This being more of a natural interaction, thus AFTER three generations of interacting we saw the negative influences taking hold in the human chromosomes. Just like chemicals in water PVC leaching, lead in paint, pollutants in the air, notice that their effect on the human is finally quantitatively registered  after three generations of being around. As by then, proof of their danger is in the human chromosomes.  If one charts when electricity was first widespread PER CONTINENT (USofA a bit later than Europe in USofA N.A. Continent being a large area to cover)  then one counts three generations (75 to 90 pairs) later it leads one to the 1970s-80s and onward. Thus, you see these ADD, dementia, other brain and nervous disorders on the steady rise. And to think my offer is for free since the 1970s, but I'm too much of a nut to be believed and since there is no money to be made, none I've written to in the leadership /scientific   community care to reply.

In an example, I use a certain sized metallic pipe within it with a SPECIFIC shape of unadulterated paper (no logo, no printed lines) to control the loose current flow without adding another physically grounded electrical device that would be counterintuitive.  It forces the loose current to flow in a rotating pattern down through that tube then towards tru-ground, Earths center. Reads as a nutty way to control loose currents but It's helped my mother lower her Dementia in where 2017 through 2020 she had that symptom of her internal clock being off by 180 degrees (12 hrs) now that only occurs 3 days a week. DO NOT TRY THAT AT HOME IT CAN MAKE THINGS WORSE too even lead to radiation burns, brain issues IF you are a victim of audiohitler and use this idea incorrectly NO JOKE.

Just hope that there is another person out there that can think out of the box as I, BUT be able to convince the scientific community to listen to him or her. 

If there is one thing I hope someone can help me created is a contusion / concussion lowering pad/helmet idea I've had since the late 1970s, but feasible not till the late 1980s where a certain product was developed that is an integral part of this invention. I ask for no percentage of the invention. I want 20% to go to the St. Jude Hospital, the rest goes to those that helped create that idea. Then an idea as to clothing in where wearers can lower diseases created or influenced to rise by the Electricity's side effects. My hope is that St. Jude patients can wear them AFTER THEY ARE TESTED ON Adults. Its has to do with material, hem design, why certain skull caps help lower brain issues and most efficiently IF CUSTOMIZED PER PATIENT.

BTW I state Ethertricity (another theory/invention I tested in the 1970s) will lower these side effects.
 A group in Isreal just tested using light to act like electricity within a CPU, that is a form of ETHERtricity. Think as acient clues/praraples left berhind to teach humans slowly but surely. 

Satin is a parable to represent electricity, Lucifer being right hand "angel" to mean specific angle of a specific boson light) of "Gawd" to even any of the son's of Gawd as Jesus are symbolic of ETHERtricity.


a good nut,peace

Thursday, December 30, 2021

(SOON)Build homes in Haiti - rebuild faster after disasters

 Am drawing up the style. 202112-30

It's been posted several times, but to post it in clearer drawings.

Wow, forgot to fill this hope to within 2 weeks, have to locate the drawings that were half drawn.

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Specific Black Hole "gawd's judgement" device.

 WHEN ONE READS MY BLOGS UNDERSTAND THERE ARE WORDS that I created therefore have no meaning in present day dictionaries. I had a key-page to my words on another blog page, but two large companies asked that blogging company that those pages be removed as words I created they are copyrighting. An example is the word "lightgate". I use it as to how the brain sends/receives signals from one's soul to carnal thoughts, IBM copy wrote that word,40 years after I was using it ~2003? I don't blame the large companies but wish they gave individuals that make no money of such words a break.

Special Ed. - Sent an Entrepreneur link to this blogbyte.

I state there are many types of "Black Holes".

I preferred calling then Void holes as a youngster, then in the 1980s switched to “Inward Star”.

Some are used to recycle “heavy energy”, I state there are at least 5 uses, including a type that connects to outward forms as Quasars.

Since the 1970s shared theory with friends but not many care of that info. For verifiable info it would be what I placed on the webnet since 1980s, (1981 experimental till 1983 when NSF(NET) became official) through SUNY compu'rs used for sharing scientific information.  That sharing some say began through Stanford, CA. (others said it begun through some Massachusetts  University as an idea but implemented through Stanford U.).  One was how the method in which the soul of Humans on this earth are "judged" is via an Inward star 15 light Years or 1.5 light Years away from this Earth, parental outward star, The Sun.
Of course, this means the “souls” are moving at or near the speed of light. If one has the stomach to try to read my awful usage of grammar, you'll notice I state there are two "speeds" faster than light. (Not counting the bending of a Uni-verse into thirds, creates two p.o.p.-o.u.t. points).
Of the two more conventional speeds, one is two times the speed of light the other 3-fold.  They both use coiled forms of InrAEresonances (IntrÆresonances) to create such a flow.  One via quantum (the temporary bridges between Etherics  the Paternal Dimension of the two Parental dimensions and Physics the Maternal dimension of the two parental Dimensions) and other (3-fold) via Clear Matter.
To back track a bit, I state Clear Matter makes up 45% of this type of uni-verse, Dark Matter ~22%.  Dark matter forms from half a “reflection” of clear matter, thus its temporary.  Think of Dark matter as if anything existing in Physics only had either a positive charged side or negative charged side, not both, and only when needed to bridge dimension is Quantum/Dark Matter "OBservable".

To keep this blogbyte short(er), I'll just say measure the black holes that are within the given light Years ranges. Then see if the X-ray Satellite can pick up mass changes ~16 yrs after there are mass deaths on this Earth. The last Mass deaths on this Earth was the Tsunami of 2005. Even lower mass death will emiot waves that seemingly just disappear after a while, these are the “sounds”/resonances of souls being judged.
If my theory is correct, then 16 yrs after 2005AD (or ~2020 through 2021) any Black Hole within the light years given will have a signature of mass interaction.  Similarly, the WWII Concentration camp murders and war death also should have left a sudden mass change from a near-by black hole, THAT would have been recorded from 1956-1960.

How does such a black hole do the job of judgement?

All one's thoughts are stored as strings.
The more one's thoughts go against laws of Etherics and / or Physics,  the more they memories strings are wavier and rotate (form of storing chaotic thoughts). 
Jump ahead to after one dies AND they do not hang around (MAX hanging around by a soul of a complex being ON THIS complex planet  is upper 300 year range, same range deep meditation can “see” as to portions and specific linage of the future as in focusing on an outer natural light to focus one's inner light. (DON'T LOOK AT THE SUN, try candle)
When one's soul lowers its spin by two thirds and the event horizon accepts one's soul by lowering its interactive spin by two thirds, one is no longer coming back, PERIOD. (BTW, those are the two lights spinning one "sees"(mid-upper Olfactory trans-ceptors) in out-of-body experiences)
Once one's soul interacts with a black hole (Inward Star) each memory releases a vibration/resonance. The greater the vibrations the greater debt in one's Karma, lower vibrations more Karma credit. This judgement does have a learning curve.

More happens, which I've posted on other blogbytes.
Remember I've left SPECIFIC areas as to space clues for finding the Black Hole in question, a degaussing planet that will appear as if a small sun, where life exists as humans do on this Earth as to three other planets/Solar systems.

Would like to add more but an Instagram ban for sending two food recipes (go figure)  has me running on low energy.

Though, I don't communicate with the TESLA Company. This after I had racist like words spoken when I called Tesla company years ago, after leaving a note on a white TESLA minivan on the west side of the Flatiron building in NYC.
 I would like to see if Mr. Elon Musk could create a Football helmet/pads from a 40 yr old idea. I think the invention could lower  concussions / contusions by over half.  Wanted to share the ideas with NY gIANTS and a New Jersey  company that made and or invented better football helmets (company had "X" in their name) but neither have replied.


Gregorio O. DeMojeca